Search for Missing Plane Around Cleveland

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The U.S. Coast Guard has conducted a thorough search since last night as a plane that had took off from the Burke Lakefront airport in Cleveland had allegedly vanished from the radar and disappeared around Lake Erie.

The Cessna Citation 525 plane was heading to Columbus and had six people had been on board. While the plane had covered about 2 miles of Lake Erie, its disappearance had then been reported and the cause for this continues to be a mystery.

The Coast Guard has found no indication of any sort of debris or sightings of the six people scattered anywhere till now.

A Puzzling Tragedy

James Cox, a coast guard official based in Buffalo, New York added to this puzzling situation by saying that the plane had never released or signaled any type of emergency beacon prior to its disappearance or at any given moment for that matter.

The harsh weather conditions have delayed a boat from going about the search overnight. Regardless however, a helicopter sent by the Coast Guard and additional assistance from Canadian air crew had proceeded with the search for the missing plane.

Mystery of the Waters

According to the Coast Guard, the waters of Lake Erie that are within the perimeters of the search operation go as low as 50 feet deep.

Another ship from Detroit is said to be on its way to aid in the search mission. Reports state that the Cessna Citation 525 had been heading to Ohio State University Airport, although all six passengers aboard the plane had no links whatsoever with the Ohio State University.

All six passengers’ names have not been disclosed to the public as of now, until contact has been established with all of their families. An Investigation has been initiated to determine the cause for the disappearance of the plane.

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