Save yourself from FB Messenger Malware turning computers into Bitcoin Miners

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It has been reported that a virus is spreading across Facebook Messenger that hacks the victim’s computer system and turns it into a Bitcoin mining machine.

Cyber security experts have released the warnings about the malware called ‘Digmine’ that infects a user’s messenger on its desktop app and manipulates it to send a suspicious link to the user’s FB friends without leaving any traces of the message behind.

‘Digmine’ has been found as a type of Crypto-mining malwares that are developed to generate coins and track transactions for digital exchanges, through the power of the victim’s computer.

The intention of such malwares is to do Cryptocurrency mining, but on the expense of others. Since the cost of the electricity used by mining set-up is high and also, using Bitcoin mining hardware could be tricky to handle, thus criminal hackers are doing it their way.

According to the researchers at Trend Micro, Digmine infects the Facebook messenger desktop app running on Chrome Browser and as suspected, installs hidden files or extensions to turn the system work as Bitcoin miner, and that too, without the owner knowing. They also mentioned that an fb messenger is more likely to become the victim of this Malware if its account is set to log-in automatically.

Crypto-mining malwares have been around since many years and opportunists have reportedly used this hacking technology to mine bitcoins, but it is the first time that a virus of such kind is using popular social media websites to catch their victims.

However, no statement from Facebook about the confirmation of Malware or anything related to it has been received as yet.

How to save yourself from Crypto-Mining Malware?

  • Starting from the basics; use browser plugins of adware/malware blockers. Use Adblock extension as well. And of course, Anti-virus.
  • Since this specific malware is suspected to have been spreading from Facebook Messenger. It is suggested that you log out your account from desktop app once done using it. It reduces the chances of it being used by third-parties on your back.
  • If you receive any suspicious link from any of your Facebook friends, Do not open it!
  • Such malware mostly attack powerful computers to fulfill their purpose. So If you have one and you are noticing it running slow these days, chances are that it has been functioning as Bitcoin/other currency miner. Get it checked!
  • For now, Instead of Chrome, you can use other browsers to access Facebook.
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