Samsung’s W2018: A luxurious Flip Phone with the widest aperture

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In an era where bigger the screen the better, the flip phones had lost their cool. Slowly, they drifted away to their silent death until Samsung now tried to revive them. Therefore, the Samsung W2018 was just unveiled during a launch event in China. The flip phone is not an inexpensive one though. It costs to have one, but that is justified by the specifications it offers.

The specs are nearly similar to that of the beast Note 8 and the latest Samsung Galaxy S8, with one notable difference; there is a wide camera lens.

The Samsung’s W line is known for its new flip phone released each year. The most recent one being the W2018. Surprisingly, the flip phones are still considered “the cool” in Asia. Therefore, it was much anticipated that the 10th Anniversary W series phone, would be different than the rest.

To make up for the production costs, and being a kind of special phone in an era dominated by smartphones, the reason seems justified for the price of these series to be higher than Samsung’s other flagships. There is a cheesy Chinese ad for the phone which reads, “Hi Bixby, what’s true luxury?”. This means that the phone is a luxury to have in the current era.

The W2018 has a 12 Mega Pixel rear shooter with a wide aperture of f/1.5. This ensures that even in low light, the phone is able to capture some crisp images compared to other phones in the price tag.

Furthermore, the phone also features a 5 Mega Pixel front camera for all your much-wanted selfies. Moreover, the phone utilizes its brilliant software and switches its aperture itself to f/2.4. This is in the case when there is enough light and ensures that more background detail can be added to the photo.

There is a disappointment though. The stock ROM on the phone would be Android Nougat instead of the latest Android Oreo. For all those criticizing flip phones displays, the phone features a 4.2-inch full HD AMOLED front display and a 4.2-inch full HD inner display.

Moreover, along with a number keypad, there also is a directional pad which would make you feel nostalgic about the cool flip phones once were. Not only this but like the smartphones of the generation, there also is a fingerprint sensor beside the back camera. If you ever needed a voice assistant, then the Bixby would be your man to go.

The phone is protected by Gorilla Glass, ensuring the screen and the metal and glass body doesn’t break when dropped accidentally. The colors offered are currently gold and platinum.

The phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. On top of that, there is a whopping 6 GB of RAM ensuring you never run out of processing power. Since its battery consumption is expected to be lower and limited by phone dimensions, the 2,300 mAh battery is the best you can get for such.

Since the phone was targeted towards luxury lovers, Samsung says that W2018 buyers also get perks like concierge help at airports and subways, free software tech support, and a hotline just for VIPs.

If you want to get your hands on it earliest, then we are sorry, but you will have to fly out to China since it is being launched their first. It is expected that the price tag would increase that of the previous year W2017’s $3000. Still, if you can afford it, it’s the luxury you need.

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