Samsung Galaxy Bloom Z

Samsung’s next foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z’ will revolutionize smartphones

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Earlier this week, Samsung finally announced that it’s annual Galaxy Unpacked event will be taking place on February 11, 2020. The event is arguably one of the most anticipated unveil events for the year with massive audience attending live and watching online. For good reason though, as a new Samsung Galaxy S flagship is announced and unveiled at the event, along with some other accessories.

Last year, however, was special for Samsung as the company did not only reveal 3 new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones but also unveiled the inevitable future for smartphones, a foldable phone called the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold’s initial launch was pushed back due to a lot of manufacturing issues but when it came out later during the year, it proved that this is what the future of smartphones is going to be like.

Galaxy Unpacked 2020

While some may say that the Galaxy Fold was rushed and ahead of its time, Samsung has continued its efforts to improve upon the form factor. Hence, at this year’s Galaxy Unpacked event, the smartphone manufacturer is ready to unlock the second iteration to the Galaxy Fold called the Samsung Galaxy Z.

Samsung Galaxy Z is everything that the Motorola Razr couldn’t be

This is quite possibly the most important Unpacked event in the company’s long history. The original Galaxy Fold was forgiven for being flawed as it was still the company’s first foray into foldable smartphones and the concept was relatively new.

However, with the Galaxy Z, Samsung needs to nail it down and execute it correctly this time. If foldable smartphones are indeed going to be the future, there needs to be a point when they actually start to be viable for most people. And, if there’s anyone that can do it right, it is Samsung.

The Galaxy Z will not be like the Galaxy Fold from last year though. Instead, it has a clamshell folding design, much like Motorola’s foldable phone, the Razr. And even though the Razr showed tons of promise and had some very innovative design features, it failed because of underwhelming internals.

Galaxy Fold Bloom Z

The Galaxy Z, on the other hand, seems to be a top-of-the-line flagship model much like the Galaxy Fold. With quite possible the same internals as the other Galaxy S flagships for 2020, it would be interesting to see how the Galaxy Z sets itself apart from the rest of the pack.

Samsung teased the Galaxy Z a few months ago and we’ve also seen a few leaks at CES which means that the phone is definitely coming next month. However, apart from a few leaked photos, there isn’t much else we know about the device.

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Earlier, it was presumed that the foldable will be called Galaxy Bloom but newer reports have confirmed that Bloom was just the code name for the phone and it is, indeed, going to be called the Galaxy Z.

There are some questions that arise when we look at the clamshell folding form factor though. The original Galaxy Fold was great because it was basically a tablet with the size of a normal smartphone. The Galaxy Z, however, much like the Razr, will be a much smaller device that folds out into a normal sized smartphone.

Does the clamshell form factor have any inherent benefits to it? Yes, the phone will be smaller but it will also get thicker and a lot of people would prefer a thinner but longer smartphone in their pockets instead of a thick and short one.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom Z

However, the Galaxy Z may not be the only foldable the Samsung is working on.

The company could double down on foldable phones and reveal a Galaxy Fold 2 at the Galaxy Note unpacked event, later during the year. The foldable smartphone is not the only change that Samsung is making this year either. The flagship lineup Galaxy S is also getting a slight adjustment.

This year, at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, we won’t be getting a Galaxy S11 lineup. Instead, Samsung will rename the lineup to S20 which will coincide with the year they’re released in. The change makes a lot of sense and would definitely reduce a lot of confusion about which year a smartphone got released in.

In any case, this year’s Galaxy Unpacked event on February 11 will be absolutely massive for Samsung, and for the smartphone industry as a whole. This could be the make or break moment for foldable smartphones and if Samsung manages to pull it off, it could change the future of smartphones forever.

Are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in February? Let us know down in the comments below!


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