Samsung 980 Pro SSD

Samsung’s new 980 Pro PCIe Gen 4 SSDs are faster than the PS5 SSD

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Samsung has announced the launch of the 980 PRO SSDs. They come accompanied by the PCIe Gen 4.0 interface. These next-gen SSDs are targeted towards consumer-based platforms. Moreover, the transfer speeds the SSDs offer is much faster. Furthermore, a wide spectrum of features to enhance data speed on PCs is another feature of these next-gen SSDs. All of this will ensure a higher performance quality in-comparison to pre-existing SSDs.

980 PRO SSDs Variants

The 980 PRO SSDs have succeeded from the 970 PRO SSD series. Samsung’s next-gen SSD cards come in three different variants.

First, a 250 GB model.

Second, a 500 GB model.

Third, a 1 TB model.

The specifications of each drive are more or else similar to each other, Moreover, they are all PCIe Gen 4 compatible. Furthermore, the SSDs are also available in the M.2 2280 form factor. However, if you want to maximize the output from these drives, you’ll have to equip them to a PCIe Gen 4 compatible platform. The AMD X570 and the Intel Z490 should do well for that purpose.

Next-Gen SSDs Design

Samsung’s 980 PRO SSDs will have a thermal heatsink coated with Nickel. The thermal heatsink will come on top of the SSD controller. It will do so using a thin copper film on the back and front of the PCB. Moreover, Samsung will also take help from its Dynamic Thermal Guard technology.


This will be done to maintain the optimal thermal level on the SSDs. The 980 PRO SSDs make use of the next-gen, custom-designed Elpis Controller and 3-bit MLC.

980 PRO SSDs Specs

Moving on to the specifications, the 980 PRO SSDs boast read and write speeds of up to 7000 MB/s & 5000 MB/s. However, these are only for the 1 TB model. The general reads and writes for the drive is rated at 1,000K/1,000K IOPS.

The 500 GB model has sequential read and writes speeds of 6,900 MB/s & 5,000 MB/s.  The general read and write speeds are noted at 800,000 / 1,000,000 IOPS.

Additionally, the 250 GB model has sequential read and write speeds of 6,400 MB/s and 2,700 MB/s. The general read and write speeds are noted at 500,000 / 600,000 IOPS.

In Comparison with the PS5 SSD

Source: c.sirt

The SSD being launched with the PS5 boasts similar speeds. The difference is very small. However, speculations are that the 980 PRO SSDs could be even faster than the PS5 SSD, especially, when they make use of TurboWrite. Even the raw speeds of the 980 Pro are faster though at around 6.8 GB/s as compared to 5.5 GB/s on the PS5.

However, the PS5 still might have the upper hand when it comes to actual real-life performance. The reason for this can largely be attributed to the design and architecture of the PS5. Its cohesive construction, especially with the custom controller and close bond with the RAM will help boost speeds a lot.

Aided Technology

The tech-enabled TurboWrite that comes with the IOmeter can help the 250 GB drive take its transfer speed up to 500 MB/s. Furthermore, the same technology can help the 500 GB drive take its transfer speed up to 1,100 MB/s. Moreover, the IOmeter can also help the 1 TB model further its transfer speeds up to 2000 MB/s.

Samsung is boasting of the PCIe Gen 4 as one of the critical performance points of the next-gen SSD  series. In comparison to the PCIe Gen 3, performance is expected to double. Moreover, in comparison to standard SATA SSDs, the performance is expected to improve 12.7 times.


There is still no announcement regarding the price and availability so far. However, prices can be expected to be around the same ball-park as the current 970 PRO SSDs.

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