Samsung’s custom GPU could turn out to be revolutionary

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Quite some time back news broke to the surface that Samsung is working on its custom GPU design that is not only for the smartphones but also many other devices even in aircraft’s cockpits and supercomputers due to its architectural design. Originally the project was for the affordable devices, but now the project is in such an interesting situation that we may see the custom GPU in one of the Samsung’s flagship devices. Which means the GPU will have quite a punch and it will be able to at least compete with the other smartphone GPU vendors such as an ARM, Qualcomm, etc.

Image: GSMarena
Image: GSMarena

According to an Analyst who has had quite a work in this regard, the Novel architecture in the GPU will not only be for a smartphone, but also a wide range of electronics can benefit with this architecture. The time of the development was very crucial since Apple the direct rival of Samsung in the smartphone market had launched their custom GPUs with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models. The credibility of the news stumbles here as it was known that the next Samsung Exynos CPU would have the ARM’s Mali GPU and now we are having news about the next Exynos with Samsung’s custom GPU.

The Analyst in his blog post said that:

“Put it on par with Apple. The only question is where and when Samsung’s GPU will show up. This design is so good they could deploy it in every platform — it’s a function of their ambition. If I owned it, it would be in everything including cockpits and supercomputers.”

Image: Wccftech
Image: Wccftech

What makes the news credible is the fact that Samsung has hired the graphics veteran who has worked in Nvidia and Mediatek Dr. Ching Ping Lu to work in this project and with his expertise and the resources deployed by the Samsung the results shown by the rumors are promising. The main flaw in the design of commonly used VLIW techniques is the generation of power overheads and the Samsung’s design according to the EE times the bundles different divisions so that they can be executed at the same cycle and hence it can turn out to be more power efficient.

If the rumors are true and if Samsung decides to sell its technology to the OEMs, then it would mean a serious problem for not only smartphone GPU makers such as ARM and Qualcomm but also for Nvidia and AMD. Isn’t it exciting to know that many companies have decided to go into the GPU market and it will benefit the consumers mostly?

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