Samsung UN55MU9000 Smart TV; get quantum quality at a lower price

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In the tough competitive markets of OLED and quantum dots, the consumer LED choice is limited to these pricey TVs by Samsung, Sony and LG. While the trend leads to the use of quantum dots for picture clarity, one expects to see improvements along these lines in the upcoming smart TVs. Yet the new Samsung UN55MU9000 series does exactly contrary to this. In this tough market, the LED marks its territory with extreme, smooth fluid motions and that too at quite a reasonable price!

The versatile MU9000 is the best Samsung has to offer this year, with very good picture quality and great motion handling. It can produce deep and uniform blacks, and supports HDR quite well. Let’s not forget the beautiful sleek outer appearance the TV showcases with more modern style and attention to detail than anything in its price class.


The Smart TV has a fantastic look with a few nice touches such as the thin borders and textured back. Most of the inputs are located on the OneConnect box and are easy to access. So you don’t need to see a tangle of wires and multiple slots covering the edges here. The stand for the MU9000 is similar to the previous Samsung models, easily placed on small desks and strong enough to support the TV.


The 55-inch beauty has a modern thin-screen design: narrow at the top and thicker at the bottom (depth-wise), where the electronics are stored. The bezel is thin enough that it “disappears” during use. Hence mount it on a wall or simply let it rest on the table, either ways it promises to attract a couple of glances from the guests.

Picture Quality

The biggest thing missing out in MU9000 are the quantum dots; microscopic molecules that, when hit by light, emit their own, differently colored light. The MU9000 uses an edge-lit array for local diming, which is a bit more subject to stray lighting known as blooming. This illuminates different areas of the screen independently to improve picture quality. The set supports high dynamic range (HDR)  content in the standard HDR10 and the upcoming HDR10+ formats only(Dolby vision not supported). Colors are vibrant due to the wide color gamut and small highlights really shine thanks to the high HDR peak brightness.

Samsung labels the MU9000 as having Motion Rate 240, which means the hardware refresh rate is 120Hz, and it does make a difference. So you can present smooth video at 60 cycles per second, it just doesn’t happen often. The only downside is when it comes to the local dimming, vertical blooming is sometimes visible when there is a very bright highlight, especially in letterboxes bars.

One Remote for everything

With a stylish, sleek design, the remote allows a great deal of utility to the user. You have this cool ability to control your gear using the remote. The One Remote remote-control is excellent, with just the right amount of buttons for control and skipping to functions on screen.


Apart from this, the TV system is very good for a TV, but its app coverage isn’t as comprehensive as that of Android TV. 4K streaming with HDR is available from Netflix and Amazon, as well as the Fandango-powered TV Plus app. Samsung added 4K to its Vudu app, but no HDR (Vudu is still currently Dolby Vision-only, which isn’t supported on Samsung). The UltraFlix app has some niche 4K content and there’s 4K support on the YouTube app.

All in all, if you are looking for something aesthetic to adorn your lounge, the MU9000, is our best catch with the additional benefits of fluid motion. Yet if you want something with enhanced picture quality, then you might want to look elsewhere. But with the astounding price ($2,000 MSRP available for $1,497.99 at Amazon), great interface and design, this MU9000 is a sensible catch.

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