Samsung foldable smartphone

Samsung showed off its first foldable display smartphone

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Our smartphones that started with a standard display having 16:9 aspected ratio evolved to the devices that can have more display real state on the front making the aspected ratio up to 19.5:9. However, before this state, there was a charm of having smartphones with foldable displays. We had so many concepts and sketches that looked great on paper but companies despite efforts worth of thousands of hours could not achieve that yet.

Samsung is the smartphone company that has the biggest share of the global market and they have been tasing about their foldable smartphone for many weeks. They even changed their logo on their social media sites from a straight ‘SAMSUNG’ to a folded Samsung which was clearly referencing towards their foldable smartphone.

Image: theverge
Image: theverge

We finally got the chance to have a look on the phone which was clearly the very first device as they had all the lights dimmed down. The reason why the lights were dimmed was that they wanted to secure the design of the device. Justin Denison who is the SVP of the mobile product marketing division said,” There’s a device in here and it’s amazing.” He demonstrated a tablet looking device that turns into a pocket sized smartphone. The size of the tablet display is 7.3 inches while the size of the phone like display that is attained by folding the device is not released by Samsung yet.

Image: Samsung
Image: Samsung

Samsung is calling it the infinity flex display and they will be producing 1 million units of the finished device next year. Samsung is also developing its UI to match the folding display prototype, this new UI will be called one UI. Where they have taken the multi apps to a whole new level and users can now have 3 apps open simultaneously owing to the bigger display.

Google, on the other hand, has announced that the Android developing team is hard at work and android will natively support the foldable devices in near future. Google is also providing guidance to the developers who will be developing apps that can adapt to the foldable displays.

Lastly, Samsung is not the only smartphone manufacturer who is making a foldable smartphone, Lenovo and Xiomi have also teased their foldable prototypes and LG is also working on bending the OLED efficiently using their wrappable TVs that can wrap and fit in a box. We also expect more OEMs to start developing around the field and we are hoping to get the first device from the big smartphone manufacturers in 2019.

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