Samsung Q9F QLED TV

Samsung Q9F QLED TV review

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Television has been one of the most popular home appliances the world has ever seen. The magical box was part of each and every household just after a couple of years from its inception. Since then, the large customer base has driven this major shareholder of entertainment industry into bounds and leaps of enhancement regarding features and technology.

Samsung is the second name of quality and exciting features when it comes to home electronics. In the field of visual devices, the state of the art technological advancements always finds their way into Samsung machines. In the era of smart LED TVs, Samsung is always setting the bar for its competitors.

The newest entrant in the LED TV market is the Samsung Q9F QLED TV. Let’s find out what is new and improved for you other home entertainment enthusiasts in this.


When everyone was thinking that Audiovisual (AV) industry is done with the fancy abbreviations and twisting jargons, Samsung has hit the market again as it never fails to impress. Shortly after the launch of OLED technology, they have come up with an upgrade and named it as QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode).

This innovation is a merger between OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and Quantum Dot technologies. So it has attributes of both these i.e. it possesses the closer to reality color range of Quantum Dot based TVs and exhibits more accurate contrast and a much better-looking picture than the predecessor LED TVs.

The smart TV features are powered by a reputable and robust smart TV engine which is known as Samsung Eden. The company has built it into an impressive end product which allows you the access to an endless list of content. With a new and improved voice control system, you can control more or less all the setting with just talking the talk.

Even the contrast and color settings are controllable with a voice message of a couple of words which is a major upgrade from the previous Samsung Smart TV engines. The only feature lacking is the channel name recognition, which is partially compensated by channel number identification.

Samsung Q9F QLED TV is made for optimized display results for 4k HDR content, which is also backed by the fact that Samsung has a proven track record in exhibiting fantastic picture quality in this genre. The intensely bright display clocks up to the 1800 units mark, scoring full marks in the feature.

This allows extraordinary tonal detailing which makes the picture look more realistic using enhanced locational brightness. The greater color volume in Samsung QLED is an important factor in achieving such a perfect high brightness performance.

Above all, the Quantum Dot technology allows the impact of brightness to be uniform in all possible ambient light intensities, so no matter how much your TV room is illuminated, you will experience the same world-class level of HDR experience.

The HD/SDR performance of Samsung Q9F QLED TV is certainly not less competitive. The enhancement of High Definition Standard Dynamic Range content is unprecedented in its way.

While converting from HD to 4K, it adds up the supplementary detailing rather than just exaggerating the noise. The result is an incredibly beautiful and much-improved display with maintaining the integrity of natural tones.

Although the pyrotechnics are the key selling feature of Q9F, yet the sound of this model is good enough to complement the display and give you an entertaining experience. For a TV with no visible speakers what so ever, you can get a pretty high level of audibility without buzzing and distorting effects.

But if you want a comprehensive and fulfilling experience demanded by a typical Audiovisual enthusiast, then better find a top of the line sound system to match the unprecedented visual pleasure.

The outlook of Samsung Q9F QLED TV is rather sleek and stylish with a flat surface on its front and back sides and potent polished finishing. This model is a little deeper than most of the LED televisions available now a day in the market. Still, it has its charm and grace as the illustrious metallic sides offer you an amazing experience while watching TV.

The accessories include a compact and modish remote control. The minimum button count and a metallic silver finish make it a perfect companion for the all fashionable TV screen. The external connection box is also no exception with its attractive outlook and glossy black finish.

It has multiple HDMI and USB ports on offer along with an all-important integrated Wi-Fi. So you can sit back and enjoy without making any noise by using Bluetooth headphones or connect your smart devices with the apparatus.


  • State of the art QLED picture quality
  • Mono connection between screen and external connection box (via optical fiber)
  • Stylish and decent industrial design
  • An exceptionally high level of brightness on offer
  • A handful of features in external connection box
  • Color levels never like before


  • You can experience backlight clouding (but very often)
  • A little expensive as compared to the general market pricing trend
  • Limitation of clarity on viewing angles
  • Ultra-fine HDR blends can lead to banding

Final Verdict

Samsung has always managed to amaze its loyal consumers with cool features and technological advancements, and Samsung Q9F QLED TV is a clear evidence of it. The efficient implementation of Quantum Dot technology, while keeping the goods offered by OLED TV, is a significant achievement in itself.

Although there are some minute shortcomings in firmware which would definitely be rectified in the coming days, yet the product features and performance speaks for itself.

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