Samsung ditching Snapdragon, Exynos for new AMD and ARM collaboration

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Once again, we have news of Samsung developing their custom CPUs. Last we heard Samsung was working on their custom Mongoose cores scheduled for development for phones in 2021 and 2022. Samsung had plans to integrate these CPUs into their new Exynos chipsets. Now we know that Samsung had to cancel these plans and shut down its custom core facility in Austin, Texas.

The Korean giant, however, is not letting this idea slide away. In the latest reports, we hear that Samsung is again formulating a plan to manufacture its CPU and GPU packages. Besides, we know that Samsung is not a processor manufacturer, and there are rumors that Samsung has partnered with the hardened players in the market like ARM and AMD.

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According to the report from Business Korea, there is going to be a new partnership between the three companies. These three tech giants will try to produce a device that will fight the current market champion from Qualcomm. The current generation of chipset from Samsung the Exynos 990 lags behind Snapdragon 865 and the newer Snapdragon 865 Plus in terms of raw performance and other optimizations. Consequently, Samsung, AMD, and ARM have a lot of boxes to check before they can even stand near Qualcomm.

Exynos 9 chip

With that said, the rumor also states that the new chip will use Cortex-X architecture from ARM. On the GPU side of things, we might see AMD’s RDNA Architecture in action. The leaked report says that the custom chip from Samsung will use the same architecture as the rumored Snapdragon 875.

The Kryo CPU from Snapdragon 875 and the Exynos will use Cortex-X Architecture from ARM. This new architecture delivers about 30 percent more performance as compared to previous Cortex-A series chips. Both chips are set to release next year, and we’ll see how the fight goes between Samsung and Qualcomm when the new Exynos chipset drops.

Also, we recently saw a leaked benchmark of an unknown Samsung chip with a GPU from AMD beat Adreno 650 inside Snapdragon 865 in multiple tests. Therefore it looks like the partnership between the three companies is definitely happening. After giving thought time to intel in computer chips, It seems like AMD might crush competitors in mobile chipsets too. The leaked benchmark results show that they have something big on the way for next year.

In these leaked scores of AMD GPU from GFXBench. It scored 181.8 frames in the Manhattan 3.1 test, roughly 13% greater than the Adreno 650 found inside Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 is capable of. Additionally, it gave an average of 138.25 and 58 frames in Aztec Normal and Aztec High tests, respectively. These two test results are even more problematic for Qualcomm as they beat Qualcomm’s latest and greatest mobile GPU by a factor of three.


Samsung looks extremely serious with the idea of their CPUs and is pooling a lot of resources to the task. Samsung plans to have higher neural processing units than Qualcomm. They are also looking to increase the number of communication modems with their processors.

With 5g deployment going on around the world, communication is a significant factor for mobile chips. The phone with better data rates will hold the crown for the smartphone king. In addition, Samsung also has plans to increase the amount of hired people. They aim to increase their workforce by ten times by 2030. While all these plans do look promising and exciting. We will have to wait until the release of Snapdragon 865 and the competitor Exynos chip from Samsung.

Lastly, there are also reports of a new 5nm technology in development at Samsung for the Exynos 1000 series. There are no confirmations about this, however, and it could be that the three companies are actually working on the 1000 series processor instead.

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