Samsung Note 8 might be the first smart-phone to feature Snapdragon 836 chip

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Samsung is now integrating Snapdragon 836 in its new upcoming device Samsung Galaxy Note 8, making it the first smartphone featuring this innovative critical component.

According to the reports from IT Home, instead of Snapdragon 835, the Korean giant Samsung is planning to include a new chip Snapdragon 836 making it the most powerful smartphone ever but it was earlier discovered by SamMobile.

Possibly, after this startling addition of Snapdragon 836 chip, it will boost up the performance of Note 8 if compared to Galaxy S8. According to the rumors circulating in the market, Apple has already won the race but hold on after this addition Note8 will be able to compete against Apple’s iPhone 8.

Samsung and Qualcomm together worked on the Snapdragon 835 and because of this partnership the Korean Giant Samsung was able to corporate to bundle this new chip into its latest devices S8 and S8 Plus.

Apart from Note 8, there are many chief brands of the market that have corporate with Qualcomm to make this technology a part of their upcoming smartphones. The highly awaited phone OnePlus 5 will be featuring Snapdragon 835.

According to the previous reports, Samsung will be launching Note 8 by the end of the year 2017 with Snapdragon 835 but this the first time it’s unveiled that Snapdragon 836 will be replacing the 835 chip.

Well, the features of Snapdragon 836 are still unknown as neither Qualcomm nor Samsung have discussed them but it’s predictable that this new addition will turn out to be a prevailing one.

Snapdragon 836 will be slightly different from Snapdragon 835 which reportedly will come up with a GPU clock speed of 740MHz and a 2.5GHz cloud speed. The size of the new chip will be as same as Snapdragon 835.

Recently in a conference, Samsung has confirmed that the company is planning to bring back the bring screen phones (Galaxy Note 8) in the market. It seems like that the Note series has not stopped.

According to the rumors, Note 8 will be sporting a 6.3-inch screen and will run of Android Nougat. The phablet will likely feature a dual-rear camera making Note 8 the first major smartphone of the brand.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is nowadays one of the most popular smartphones available in the market and Samsung will likely adopt some features of S8 in new upcoming Galaxy Note 8 like eliminating the physical home button in S8.

Plus Note 8 will be sporting the edge-to-edge display which will cover the front face of the smartphone. It is predicted that Samsung will unveil Note 8 at the end of August or in the beginning of September.

With such startling features and incredible design, Note 8 will dash away all the latest smartphones and can be the hottest smartphone of the year 2017.

Samsung is bringing back an innovative, safer and better device. After this announcement by the Korean giant, it is believed as soon as the device will be launched it will hit the market.

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