Samsung may get sued for stealing QLED tech from British company

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Samsung is one of the leading Smart TV manufacturers today. The tech giant provides great displays not only in their televisions but also in computer monitors and mobile phones. QLED TVs. are one of the flagship products in the TV category from Samsung. This technology came a few years before and replaced the backlit LED panels used previously.

The concept of these devices is similar to a regular LED TV, but instead of a backlight, they use small nanoparticles called Quantum Dots to produce brightness and colors. The first commercial product using QLED technology came from sony, but soon after that, Samsung developed one too and gave licenses to other companies as well. While the name does include LED, this technology still uses a backlit LDC panel. Only the backlight is improved and consists of thousands of LEDs.

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QLEDs use a technology called Quantum Dots for displays. Samsung collaborated with a British company called Nanoco on developing quantum dots. The two companies, later on, had a falling out, and Samsung decided to part ways. Both of the companies failed to agree on an out of court settlement. Consequently, Nanoco is planning to sue Samsung now.

Based in England, Nanoco Technologies is valued at around 52 million pounds. The company’s key developments are nanomaterials and the production of cadmium-free quantum dots. Samsung uses this Quantum Dot technology in their new displays. Nanoco says that they owned the patent for the development of Quantum dots, and Samsung stole this and used it in their flagship QLED TVs.

Also, Nanoco now plans to take this matter into court and is preparing to Sue the South Korean tech giant Samsung. They have hired a Litigation Finance Specialist from the US that has agreed to pay for the case for a share from the company’s winnings. Commenting on this plan Michael Edelman CEO of Naonoco Technologies, said: “The successful outcome of their extensive and detailed due diligence, including the use of independent experts, adds to our significant confidence in our case against Samsung.”

Patent disputes are not something new in the tech world. Most of the analysts think that this is just a deliberate move by Nanoco to defeat Samsung in the patent war and make Samsung acquire them. We all know how long and frustrating these court disputed turn out to be. Therefore companies always prefer to find an easy way out of them.

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Samsung, on the other hand, refuses to put forward any comment on this case. The tech manufacturer has earned a lot of benefits from this new technology. Samsung has plans to replace LED-backlit LCD to QLED technology in all its panels for the future. As a result, this lawsuit could hurt Samsung’s plans to launch microLED and QD-OLED TV devices as well. You can read more about future devices here.

Samsung sold around 5 million QLED TVs last year. It is one of the leading TV manufacturers and sellers in the market right now. The company expects to increase its market share even more in the next year. Now with this case out there, the numbers for 2020 could take a hit.

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