Samsung launches a gigantic 49-inch ultra-wide gaming monitor

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Samsung has unveiled the ultra-wide and curved gaming monitor in the market. Now the folks don’t need to buy two monitors for enjoying the games when players can have one obscenely wide gaming monitor.

CHG90 spans a stupendous 49-inch curved display which is available in the market for $1,499. This is absolutely an outlandish gaming monitor in a very astounding way and apart from being gigantic; the pretty dazzling colors of the monitor are quite catchy.

“Gamers want to feel completely immersed when they play, and our new monitors provide the most stunning visuals to deliver the ultimate gaming experience,” “These QLED gaming monitors represent the future of gaming for both casual and dedicated players alike, and we’re confident that our innovative design and state-of-the-art features will enhance the entire gaming arena,” stated by Andrew Sivori (VP product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America) reported to the PC Gamers.

While utilizing the Quantum Dot technology of Samsung the CHG90 also supports the High Dynamic Range, it seems like the fans can look forward to lots of brightness, vibrant colors and high contrast.

Playing games on such a crazy wide display will be a new adventure for the gamers who are obsessed with large screens. Plus the CHG90 touts a 178-degree viewing angle and a 1,800R curvature.

Either the player is flying X-Wings or fighting with aliens all these features will definitely overwhelm them.  The player has no need to worry about the lag as the monitor has a double full HD display (3840×1080) which packs a 1ms response time and 144GHz refresh rate.

To provide smoother performance, Samsung CHG90 gaming monitor supports AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology which is a boon for the players who play games on AMD graphic cards.

For better connectivity, the CHG90 has Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, three USB 3.0 ports and 2 HDMI ports though there’s unluckily no USB-C option. For the designing the software, Samsung also has some proprietary for managing the applications software which facilitates the users to configure up to six windows together which is quite handy.

Well, the monitor is quite huge in size and for instance if the players for a gigantic 49-inch monitor then they don’t have to worry. Samsung has also launched two other new gaming monitors which are sized conservatively to fit in small spaces.

Samsung’s CHG 70 display comes in two variations; one of 27 inches cost $599 and the other one is of 31.5 inches which cost $699. The two gaming monitor model brags a sharp resolution of 2560×1440 whereas the other features like; HDR, Quantum Dot technology and FreeSync 2 are similar.

By retaining the flexible hinge and vibrant display in this curved gaming monitor Samsung has brought a new revolution and giving some serious challenges to other gaming monitor brands of the market.

The latest line-up of Samsung gaming monitor are pretty expensive and it seems like that the big wallet players can only buy them. But the incredible features of this massively curved monitor will compel the players to splurge in it.

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