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Samsung is Ready to Drop the Galaxy Note & S Branding From Flagship Phones

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Smartphone naming conventions have been getting more and more complicated over the years thanks to some weird decisions and just the sheer amount of phones pumped out by companies every year. No company seems to be able to make up its mind on one thing. Apple went to roman numerals with iPhone X and XS but also had the lower end XR. Once that got too confusing for customers, the company decided to revert to standard a iPhone and a pro model, making things a lot easier.

Samsung has also undergone some changes over the years, changing from roman numerals to regular ones a few years ago with the Galaxy S6. However, things move forward rapidly in the tech industry. So, to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the industry, changes like these are necessary.

Samsung Dropping Note and S Branding from Phones

This time, it is Samsung that is contemplating a move to a different type of smartphone branding. Apparently, the company is left with a dilemma because of the upcoming release of the Galaxy Fold lineup. The release of Galaxy Fold means that Samsung would now have 3 flagship phones throughout the year, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Fold. And, releasing 3 flagship grade phones in one year might be a bit too overwhelming and consuming for the company and the consumers.

So, to tackle this, Samsung is currently thinking about fusing the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S lineup into a single flagship with a single release date. This would open up the space for the Galaxy Fold to become the second premium flagship of the year, taking over Galaxy Note’s timeline of release in the second half of the year. The leak comes from the renowned and ever-reliable tech maestro, Mr. Evan Blass himself (@evleaks on Twitter). According to him, Samsung thinks that the features of the Galaxy Note and S lineup overlap too much now for them to be separate.

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What would happen to Galaxy Note then?

If Galaxy Fold is going to release in the second half of the year, what’s going to happen to the Galaxy Note lineup? Well, the Galaxy Note and S lineups are going to get fused into a single new flagship lineup. Samsung is still looking at different naming conventions for the new lineup. Galaxy One is apparently one of the names Samsung is looking at to give to this newly-fused flagship lineup.

Image: PC World

Apparently the smaller Galaxy One phone would be akin to the usual Galaxy S while the bigger one would have an S-pen, like the Galaxy Note. These phones would release under the same banner with the usual first quarter reveal from Samsung. This would certainly help with reducing the ever-increasing confusion among customers about the differences between a Galaxy Note and Galaxy S smartphone. The Galaxy Fold is also a very good contender to take on that second premium flagship throne from the Note as it is different enough to warrant a separate release, something the Note has been struggling with for a couple of years now.

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What are your thoughts on this potential change from Samsung? Would it help with streamlining their flagship phone lineups? Let us know down in the comments below!


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