Samsung is developing a top secret smartphone capable of 5G connectivity in response to the recent sales slump

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Samsung the biggest smartphone manufacturer with almost 20% of the global market share is reportedly developing a secret smartphone that would be able to handle the 5G internet speeds. As the 10th anniversary of Samsung Smartphone is coming next year, it has planned a special smartphone for its customers just like what Apple did last year. Samsung is planning to come up with a dazzling reboot of their premium smartphone lineup that will impress the consumers and hopefully be able to cover the recent loss the company has to suffer due to the sales slump.


According to the rumors Samsung is planning to release three “S 10” smartphones in February next year ranging from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches screen size diagonally. In addition to these three, they are developing the 10th anniversary smartphone that will be announced alongside these smartphones but the release of it would be pegged to whenever the carriers decide to release the 5G tech which is expected to be in Spring next year. The codename of the smartphone in-the-house is “Beyond X”, other than the ability to hold 5G connectivity Samsung is also planning to equip the phone with 6 cameras.

Samsung already has a phone in the market that has 4 cameras at the back and one on the front making it the only phone that gives the users to use any of the 5 cameras as their will. But Samsung wants to go even further beyond and planning to add another camera in the bunch. The screen size of the phone will also be different as it will reportedly be rocking a 6.7-inch infinity display.

Image: T3n
Image: T3n

The sales of the smartphones have been declining for several years but due to ever increase in pricing the decrease in sales was not affecting the companies as much as it should have before. But nowadays the competition is so fierce that the pricing of the phones is set very deliberately with low margins at least on the Android side, that is why major smartphone manufacturers including Apple have suffered a major loss.

Consumers are holding their smartphones because the technology itself is not developing rapidly, smartphones last longer and people hold on to their flagships for at least two years. Since Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker the loss it suffered was greater than the aggregate loss and it is one of the reasons why Samsung is developing another device. Just like what Apple did during its 10th anniversary, Samsung is also hoping the revolutionary device will turn the tables in their favor.

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