Samsung Introduces Its Own Virtual Assistant ‘Bixby’ in Galaxy S8 and S8+

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As almost all the high-tech companies working to make their Artificial intelligence bots smarter;  Samsung has finally created its own Artificial Intelligence too – a preview version of its virtual assistant called Bixby, an addition in the group of Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa etc.

The startling and sleek looks of Galaxy S8 and S8+ took the market by storm, with implausible specifications and latest Google Android software. Because of their exceptional performance, the two smartphones are dominating the list of the ‘Top Smartphones’ according to the Consumers Reports.

And now the users of Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be able to test this remarkable voice featuring software before the rest of the world with their Samsung does. A virtual assistant Bixby completes the newest flagship devices.

But hang on, this virtual assistant Bixby can be only accessed by a limited number of Galaxy S8 and S8+ users according to Samsung. There is no guarantee that all the users will be able to sign up to avail this incredible feature.

This means that the user must be lucky enough to avail this feature. Bixby is not just a virtual assistant; it’s like having a personal aide.

The virtual assistant Bixby is introduced to the users as a utility with memo functions and calendar. It let the users send a text, make a phone call or change the settings of the device without touching it.

Along with these key functions, Bixby can do much more, it can narrate a poem or play a song and can also do a custom rap song only just by the voice command and this is beyond belief.

Samsung has brought a solution to many problems which users face. For instance, while driving if the user wants to play a song without touching the device, Bixby will facilitate the user and just by the voice command, it will function.

All these key features of Bixby show that Samsung has tried hard to overwhelm the rivals. This ground-breaking technology has blown up the Google Assistant and it can be assumed that Samsung will definitely give a tough time to Google in this field.

With Bixby, users will be able to have better control over the local devices and the applications as Bixby is far better than the existing AI assistants. Bixby even facilitates the users to click snaps and send them to people without touching their smartphone.

Even the S8 and S8+ users will be able to use limited features of the virtual assistant Bixby before Samsung officially launches it in the market, though Bixby is fully launched in the Korean market.

Bixby has some compelling features which lacks in the existing assistant software. This means that after taking over the smartphone market, Samsung is all set to dominate the software market too.

In optimizing the English commands into the voice assistant Bixby, Samsung is facing some difficulties as the company announced itself that Bixby is having trouble in learning the language.

But after some time the virtual assistant Bixby would be able to communicate with Bixby supporting devices. Hurdles cannot hold back Samsung as the company has announced last month that it’s planning to build the Bixby into its smart refrigerators.

It seems like Samsung has decided to make the user’s life easier as after this announcement it can be predicted that Samsung will add this astounding technology in its all products soon.

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