Samsung hilariously mocks Apple in its latest commercial!

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Samsung just made a commercial to mock the iPhone X buyers waiting in lines, and it’s pretty hilarious. It isn’t the only case where Samsung has mocked at Apple and its customers for queuing up outside the Apple stores, just to get their hands on the latest iPhone.

For the record, there hadn’t been directed attacks at Apple by the North Korean Company in quite some time, but there have been moments where both the companies appeared in front of a judge due to the commercials. Now after some time, Samsung is back at it again with the release of iPhone X.

The recently launched advertisement gave a quick glance over the always ongoing Samsung vs Apple war. Apple iPhones were made available to the public for a mere 16 GB of capacity for their base models. This is what Samsung managed to poke fun at in the start of the commercial. Continuing on, Samsung delivered a perfect blow when it compared its 5.5-inch display of the Note 3 with that of the rather small 4-inch panel of the iPhone 5s as part of a throwback.

Furthermore, Samsung managed to creatively depict the fact that pre-iPhone 7’s weren’t waterproof (even iPhone 7 isn’t completely waterproof), by showing the iPhone of 2016 in a bowl of rice out there to dry, while the Samsung Galaxy of 2016 was completely waterproof. To spice up the commercial to another level, the commercial features 2017 as the year of the iPhone dongle, featuring an extra abnormal accessory (the Lightning Adapter), which is just an excuse for people to rather opt for the much expensive AirPods.

The commercial is rightly named “Growing Up” since it highlights that only iPhone buyers are those people with top-notch haircuts waiting in line, but the rightly mature and grownup person who was once a hard-core Apple fan, decided to switch to the Samsung’s beast: Galaxy Note 8. Moreover, the prevalent theme of the advertisement was pretty obvious: Apple’s hardware will always be obsolete to Samsung’s newer latest hardware. This is something which around the world Android fans will swiftly be able to point out in a comment on any forum. To add oil to the fire, the comparison photos would be accompanied with these debates with little sense of what is being actually achieved through such.

Big Companies mocking each other is what grab’s user attention and might just be the way to convince a person to switch sides. This is what Microsoft tried to gain an advantage of in its own Windows Phone commercial some years ago. The best is that finally, Samsung has something to cheer about on its own after all the memes mocked at the Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7.

So if you want to decide it for yourself, whether Samsung did justice to Apple or not, just head over to this YouTube link.

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