Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: The Perfect Foldable Smartphone

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Samsung amazed the world last year when they announced their original Galaxy Fold. Since then, a lot of companies have been trying to craft the perfect smartphone. Although we haven’t seen the perfect smartphone yet, different manufacturers are coming up with newer foldable phones in the quest to achieve perfection. Folding phones are fairly a new technology and there is a long way to go, but Samsung has come one step closer with their Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 is Samsungs latest take on folding phones and it looks impressive. From overcoming the shortcomings its predecessor had, to adding new and improved features, what we have in front of us is truly an engineering marvel. As Samsung advertised the phone as folded a phone, unfolded a tablet. Galaxy Z Fold 2 features two screens and powerful components to keep up with your productivity and satisfaction.

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Galaxy Fold 2: Design and Display

Galaxy Fold 2 has a glass body with an aluminum frame. unlike the first Galaxy Fold, this year Samsung went all out and made the front screen cover almost the whole panel. This looks aesthetically pleasing and improves functionality. The back is made of Gorilla glass which is scratch-resistant and adds the option of wireless charging as well. There is also a camera bump at the back which includes 3 different cameras. The sides and the hinge have Samsungs signature chrome touch to it.

Samsung has also improved the hinge from last year and introduced a new ‘Hideaway hinge’. The hinge has been put to test by folding it 200,000 times, claims Samsung. The folding movements feel smoother and more secure. There are volume keys, a power button, and a fingerprint sensor on one side. Galaxy Fold 2 is not waterproof and has no official IP rating. This might be because the hinge between the two panels does not provide a water seal.

The phone is currently available in two colors, gold, and black. Additionally, if you buy it directly from Samsung, you have the option to color the hinge according to your choice. The colors available for the hinge are red, silver, bronze, blue, and gold.


Samsung has always been on point in the display department with its super AMOLED screens. At the front, there is a 6.2″ fully functional display that works even when the phone is unfolded. When the phone is unfolded, it turns into a tablet featuring a giant 7.6″ screen made of foldable super-thin glass as previously seen on the Z flip. This screen is better than the Galaxy Folds plastic screen. It adds more durability and it is resistant to scratches.

These days, smartphone screens are all about higher quality combined with higher refresh rates. Galaxy Z Fold 2 offers a 120Hz display. Higher refresh rates make the experience of using a screen smoother and is nice to look at. Samsung has also added the content adapted in their AI which automatically adapts the screen according to the content, ranging from 18Hz to 120Hz. The high refresh rates might also attract users who play mobile games as it can improve their gameplay.

Galaxy Fold 2 Screen
Image Source: Samsung

Smartphones are moving towards a bezel-less experience and Samsung understands this. The infinity display offers almost full-screen coverage and bezels smaller than ever. Another improved feature from its previous generation would be the absence of the notch at the top. Samsung replaced the notch with a punch hole on the right panel for the front camera. Although it still gets somewhat displeasing, it is still better than a notch.

The Crease

However, the problem that persists is the crease in the middle. The crease itself does not cause any problems apart from decreased aesthetics. Nevertheless, it’s still better than Microsofts Surface Duo and LG G8X ThinQ, where there is a giant black bar in the middle. Additionally, Samsung has added a protector on the phone screen which comes pre-applied. Samsung has warned the users to not remove this protector on their own and if they wish to do so, they should visit a Samsung store and they will remove it for you.

Hideaway Hinge

Samsung is calling its new hinge, the ‘Hideaway hinge’. This year, the hinge is more strong and allows the phone to stay put at the desired angle, unlike last year when the phone would either be folded on unfolded. This is a great added feature as it increases phone productivity to another level. You can fold it midway and use it to form a stand of its own, allowing a hands-free experience for video calling, content viewing or even taking selfies at an ease.


There is only one Type-C port at the bottom of the phone. Samsung has also bid farewell to the headphone jack with their Galaxy Fold 2. Moreover, there are speakers at the bottom and a sim jacket on the side of the phone.


Samsung has always provided us with great cameras. If not THE best, they are surely among the best ones. This time, Samsung has added multiple cameras and exciting features as well. When the phone is unfolded, there is a singular 10-megapixel camera which is also seen at the cover screen. At the back, there are three cameras, each with a different purpose. They include:

  • Wide main camera: 12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm
  • Telephoto: 12 MP, f/2.4, 52mm
  • Ultra-wide: 12 MP, f/2.2, 123˚, 12mm
Galaxy Fold 2 design
Image source: Samsung

These cameras only offer 2x optical zoom and there is no 8K recording either. These might be disappointing for some users, however, it is understandable if Samsung did this on purpose to reduce the cost. Clearly this phone is not made for photography purposes but it would be nice to have that functionality for the price you pay.

There are two new modes that come with a bigger cover screen and an AI upgrade. First up is the dual preview, which allows users on either side of the screen to see what they look like before taking the picture. Secondly, there is also adaptive auto-framing through which the AI detects the number of people in the frame. If it is 3 or more, the camera automatically shifts to the ultrawide camera.

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With a bigger screen and added features, Galaxy Z fold 2 would require a strong processor. For this purpose, Samsung has opted for Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+. This comes as no surprise as the processor is a flagship one and will surely keep up with whatever people need to do with the phone.

Samsung also announced that this year there will be no Exynos variant of the phone and everyone will get Qualcomm processor. In addition to this, the phone will also support 5g networking.

For a complete look at the phone, you can visit their site here.


To provide the best speeds, Galaxy Fold 2 has 12GB ram and comes in two variants, 256GB and 512GB. It should also be noted that there is no SD card slot this time meaning you cant expand your device’s storage capacity.


This is where one of my concerns lie. With such a big screen (or screens if you may), Samsung has only given the phone 4500 MAh capacity. This is also further divided into two batteries, one in each panel. A single battery is more power-efficient than two divided ones. However, the fast charging ability keeps the phone charged and available for use. The phone also supports fast wireless charging.

Software and Security

It comes as no surprise that the phone is running on Andriod 10 with the latest Samsung One UI 2.5. The phone is optimized with its own sets of attributes and software tweaks that give access to many different features such as dual preview and the ability to fold your phone in half and divide it into two portions for multitasking. The phone will surely get regular software updates whenever they roll out as this is their flagship phone.

For security purposes, there is a fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button as well as facial recognition. Additionally, Samsung phones are also equipped with Knox which keeps the phone secure.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Price, release date and verdict

The phone will be released on 18th September and the preorders open on 2nd September. As for the price, it lies in the super expensive part of the spectrum. Galaxy Fold 2 will retail for $1,999.

Foldable phones are a relatively newer technology and they have a long way to go. Has the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 justified its huge cost? The answer is yes and no. If you are rich enough that $2000 does not mean much to you or if you are a smartphone enthusiast then yes it definitely does.

However, if you aren’t one of these people, then this phone might not be for you. The device is spectacular and beautiful but for the price of $1999, you’d always want something more.

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