Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ beat iPhone 7 Plus in Customer Reports

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The new Samsung flagship devices have beaten all the other incredible smartphones by taking first two spots on the list, according to the latest Consumer Reports.

After facing a so much criticism on the launch of the disastrous smartphone Galaxy Note 7, Samsung launched the two most prevailing and astounding smartphones later, as a compensation of the ‘burns’.

The two smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+has performed outstandingly well according to the latest Consumer Reports and the two flagship devices ranked as the best two smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ is leading the list whereas the other flagship device pf the company Galaxy S8 stood second. For the narrow and sleek design and extraordinary battery life, the Consumer Reports extol the smartphone.

The iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6 featured a dual camera setup but this feature couldn’t defeat top notch cameras of Samsung smartphones. The LG G6 stood in the fourth place and Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus took the fifth place.

It seems like Samsung has taken over the smartphone world as the third spot is also taken by Samsung’s another startling smartphone Galaxy S7 edge.

This is quite predictive as Samsung has given a new sleek design to the latest flagship devices, the bezel-less display without a physical home button enhance the exquisiteness of the smartphones.

The ability of the devices to survive underwater and the bezel-less display were also lauded in the report. Well, there are some things which the Consumer reporter’s folks didn’t like was its one-handed operation and the recommendations to try out the smartphone before the users purchase them.

Richard Fisco (the lead phone tester) stated, “Even on the smaller model, it will be hard for most users to reach the upper regions of the screen with their thumb.”

This can be a minor drawback but it won’t affect the devices as there are many other compelling features which are packed in Galaxy S8 and S8+. The camera of the two incredible smartphones is heavily praised as it enables the user to capture some amazing shots in low light.

The video-recording capabilities of Samsung devices are simply outstanding and the users who are looking for a smartphone that has a sleek design and remarkable camera then one should go for Samsung’s new handsets ( S8 or S8+).

The reports states, “Finally, a few top-end cameras, including the iPhone 7 Plus and the LG G6, have dual rear-facing cameras, to enhance either zoom or wide-angle photography. The Samsung phones haven’t gone that route yet—and we don’t think they suffer for it.”

It seems like Samsung has taken seriously the failure of Galaxy Note 7 and now has brought two impressive smartphones which are dominating the top smartphones list.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus was launched nine months ago and this might be the reason for placing it on the fifth spot. But the three smartphones which are leading the list are launched recently and therefore, a change in the rankings can be expected after the launch of iPhone 8.

By the end of this year, the competition will become hard-hitting between the two technology giants as Samsung is all set to launch its big screen phone Note 8 with a Snapdragon 836 chip which will be the smartphone to feature it.

Samsung has put a lot of pressure on Apple, now let’s see whether Apple will be able to defeat Samsung or not.

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