Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Alleged Video Leaks shows its unboxing

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We have all been waiting impatiently for Samsung to unveil the all-new Galaxy Note 9, and it appears we don’t have many days left before the launch. Thankfully, an alleged retail box has been leaked online with unboxing too, suggesting the new features the Note 9 is supposed to have.

Even though Samsung’s launch events are beautiful to watch and all, the past year’s Samsung smartphone line up wasn’t up to that level as their events. According to people, compared with other flagship phones like the Apple iPhone X or the One Plus 6 perform far better than the Samsung Galaxy S9 and related flagships. It is known that the “Note” lineup by Samsung is widely regarded as a beast, but there is a lot at stake now.

This is because people were disappointed with what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7: It had battery problems which could lead to explosions. Therefore, Samsung called a general recall on the smartphone, and thus, the sales of Note 8 suffered too due to people being afraid that Samsung still might not have resolved the issue completely.

Still, Note 9 just might turn out to be the savior for Samsung, as the alleged box suggests, something new. There were some Note 9 renders leaked earlier, and with this alleged retail box leak confirming the renders, it looks like we can finally know what the new phone might look like.

To be honest, don’t expect the South-Korean giant to completely overhaul the design, but just some minor changes here and there. Though this is a policy adopted by nearly every smartphone maker these days since including Samsung, the focus is more on improving the device’s internals. Therefore, one can hope for a better User experience with the new Note. For this, we think that Bixby is definitely going to get an upgrade since more and more people are relying on Virtual Assistants.

Furthermore, there seems to be an all-new S-pen too, and the fingerprint sensor isn’t where it used to be before. Moreover, high performance takes a load on battery too, therefore to counter that, Samsung might launch the Note 9 with a whopping 4,000 mAh battery. There hasn’t been such a large battery employed by Samsung in their flagships, therefore, it might serve as a major attraction to users, who want to enjoy a smartphone with rather long battery life.

As far as the render leak is concerned, it looks like that the Note 9 would also be available in a coral blue color. About the alleged video leak, which appears to be from a Russian source, there are still doubts about it. This is mainly because the phone’s box in the video appears to have a screen protector. As we know very well, that Samsung isn’t the one to provide a screen protector along with their flagship, but rather Chinese manufacturers do.

Therefore, it might be possible that what we might be seeing is an unboxing of a Chinese Clone of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

On the other hand, there is one thing that suggests that the unboxing video might still be authentic: The box’s design is exactly identical to what Note 8’s was, and storage capacity is also written down on the front of the box.

Instead of a cheap-looking Chinese knockoff, the giant phablet inside has a rather premium feel and look to it. The contents of the box are also like the ones usually present in a box shipped with an Original Samsung phone. Furthermore, specifications are also mentioned at the back of the box. Coming to the specifications, the box suggests the new Note 9 to have dual cameras, with both having a resolution of 12 Mega Pixels. Though, as much as we would have loved it, 4,000 mAh battery capacity isn’t mentioned amongst the specs.

You can view the unboxing yourself in the video below. Right now what we believe is that Samsung would do anything possible to re-build its image in the Smartphone industry starting from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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