Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price leaked, and it is not what you were expecting

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As the Galaxy Unpacked event nears, we have a new leak confirming the price of the new Galaxy Note 20 series mobiles. The Galaxy Unpacked event from Samsung will be on August 5, and Note 20 is going to be the main star of the show. We already have numerous leaks confirming the internals and the design. This time Ishan Agarwal has tweeted about the pricing of new models.

The leaked prices are listed in Euros. While the US and International devices will have slightly different pricing depending on local taxes and regulations. The prices converted to Dollars give us a rough idea of what to expect. As discussed earlier, the converted rates are not final, and they may seem higher than usual. But if we compare them to previous lanch prices of Note series phones. These prices look pretty standard for a phone in this tier.


There are four variants and two primary devices of the Galaxy Note 20 this time. Firstly we have The Galaxy Note 20 with a 4G and 5G option. Also, there are two variants of Note 20 Ultra, both of which are 5G enabled. The only difference is in storage capacity.  Here are the prices for the four models.

Note 20, 256GB 4G model is priced at €999 (Approximately $1,169). For the 5G version, customers will have to pay an extra amount, and it costs around €1,099 (Approximately $1,286). Now coming to The Ultra Models, the 256 GB Galaxy Note 20 Ultra costs  €1,349 or 1,578 Dollars approximately. Meanwhile, the 512 GB model costs €1,449 or 1,696 Dollars only.

Additional Information:

In addition to price leak fo these devices, we also have a rough price of Galaxy Buds Live this update of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds will cost the users around 189 Euros or 220 Dollars. These earbuds feature a unique design as well as features like Active Noise Cancellation. The price looks amazingly great and offers much more value than the current Airpods Pro from Apple.

Another news about Note 20 confirms the previous rumors about a plastic back in the phone instead of a glass one. Agarwal has authenticated in the leak that both 4G, as well as 5G variants of the Note 20, will have a plastic back. Where most of the flagships in 2020 have glass backs since its more durable and aesthetic, Samsung has made a questionable move. They have not provided a reason as of yet for this switch.

The plastic back might be implemented to improve fast charging or for weight reduction. It will, however, take some of the premium-feel away from this device. We should still wait for the actual product release and the company’s comment on this change before making an opinion. Samsung could have implemented something new with this device line.

(Source: Twitter, OnLeaks)

With the plastic back out of the way, the rest of the phone is still one solid flagship for 2020. We have a 6.42-inch AMOLED display combined with a Tripple camera setup, a bigger battery, and the new Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset. The snapdragon variants will only be for US and china markets as usual, while the rest of the world will get Exynos chipsets.

The Note 20 Ultra 6.87-inch display has a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz. We also know that Samsung will use  LTPO technology used by Apple Watch Series 5  to vary the refresh rate of the screen.  This will allow for a highly flexible and power-saving display. In addition to that, the camera module has various improvements and a laser focus sensor.

(Source: Samsung)
This new generation of devices will launch in the galaxy Unpacked Event next week. Along with the Note 20 Series, we will also see Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Tab 7, Galaxy Buds, and the new Galaxy Watch 3. So this will be a big event with lots of new tech. Stay tuned to our website for more updates about the event.
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