Samsung Galaxy Fold Front and back

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will feature an “Under Display Camera” – Launching in July

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Samsung just released its new set of flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S20 series a few days ago alongside a new foldable phone called the Galaxy Z Flip. This time around, Samsung has changed its strategy with the S20 series by scraping the cheaper ‘e’ variant in favor of an all-out ‘ultra’ model. The smartphone manufacturer also managed to release its second foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip which features a clamshell design rather than imitating the Galaxy Fold.

However, according to reports, the Galaxy Z Flip is not the successor the the Galaxy Fold by any means and a Galaxy Fold 2 is indeed in the works at Samsung. While the original Galaxy Fold’s launch was enveloped in controversy due to a fragile and defective display, the phone did turn out to be an absolute game changer once Samsung fixed its issues.

Likewise, the Galaxy Fold 2 is also touted to feature some never-seen-before innovations that will pave the way forward for the entire smartphone industry.

Codenamed ‘Champ’, the Galaxy Fold 2 will get rid of camera cutouts

According to the ever-reliable Twitter user Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will get rid of all kinds of notches and camera cutouts in favor of an under-display camera. The under display camera tech is being developed by multiple smartphone manufacturers with many showing their work at CES earlier this year. However, Samsung is ready to become the first company to actually include the new tech in a consumer smartphone.

The under display camera has been tipped to be the holy grail of smartphone display technology as it will finally allow uninterrupted full screen immersive displays without any moving parts i.e. pop up cameras. However, it would be interesting to see if Samsung manages to achieve its usual camera quality with a screen blocking the view as well. The tech could be absolutely massive going forward though if Samsung actually manages to pull it off properly.

The innovations for the Galaxy Fold 2 don’t stop there either. Instead of the foldable plastic display, the Galaxy Fold 2 will feature an ultra thin glass display much like the one on the Galaxy Z Flip. The screen is rumored to be around 7.7 inches diagonally, which makes it slightly larger than the original Fold.

The ultra thin glass is obviously better than the previously used flexible plastic but it has been found to be prone to scratches, which is not something that you would want to see on a $2000 smartphone. This is quite possibly the biggest challenge that foldable smartphones have right now. Yes, they are indeed the inevitable future of smartphones but making the displays and mechanisms robust will prove to be extremely crucial.

In terms of launch date, we can expect Samsung to release the Galaxy Fold 2 alongside the Galaxy Note 20 in July. It seems like Samsung has decided to nail down its strategy of two flagships and two foldable phones each year.

Hopefully, the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a much smoother launch as compared to its rather unfortunate predecessor.

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