Samsung BOGO offer on Galaxy S8; Buy One, Get One Free

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Samsung Galaxy S8, the newest and sleekest smartphone becomes more tempting for T-Mobile customers; buy two Galaxy S8 from Samsung’s official website, activate one of them on T-Mobile line and receive a full rebate on price of the second phone.

It’s objectively an admirable deal, offered on the latest Samsung flagship device; it seems like Samsung leaves no chance in impressing the fans, either through their incredible smartphones or by putting amazing deals on their products.

Last week, T-Mobile also announced a quite similar deal for Apple users; on a purchase of any new iPhone the customer will get iPhone SE for free. Android users felt left out but Samsung has now filled the void with their latest Bogo offer.

The other carriers including the T-Mobile are also offering buy one phone and get one free deals on Galaxy S8. But the deal Samsung is offering is delectably simple.

However, there are certain conditions which are attached to the offer; both the smartphones must be bought on the Equipment Installment Plan of T-Mobile, which significantly means that within the course of 24 months (2 years) the phones will be paid off.

All the purchaser has to do is to pay the taxes and will receive a prepaid card of $750, which will cover the price of the second phone. If the purchaser is no more willing to buy the second phone, the offer can be canceled at any time as it’s not a contract and the buyer just have to pay for the device.

If the purchaser is in an existing T-Mobile customer, then one must add at least one unlimited line to their accounts. But if the purchaser is a new customer, then to avail the offer it’s necessary to activate the lines on the both smartphones.

The discount deal is very enticing but if a purchaser doesn’t want to avail then the offer can be canceled at any time after the purchaser receives the prepaid card.

Previously Samsung was offering a free ‘Entertainment Kit‘ on the purchase of Galaxy S8 from the company’s website. A 64 GB MircroSD card, Clear View stand and a sixth-month free subscription of Netflix was included in this kit. But unfortunately, Samsung is no more offering this deal on the purchase of S8.

If you are an existing customer of T-Mobile and fancy to get a new device, then you can use this offer to get a new smartphone virtually free of cost.

Buy both the smartphones and pay the taxes, then add up a second unlimited line for at least one for a month which will cost around $50 depending on the current plan of yours.

As soon as you receive the prepaid card cancel the second line and sell the second phone which will bring profit to you. In the end, all you have to pay is $200 for brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8.

The ‘buy one get one free’ offer is for a limited time period so it’s better to avail this amazing offer right away.



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