Samsung announces its plans to release much cheaper models of 4 TB SSD

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In an era where SSDs have successfully replaced traditional Hard Drives in most computer systems, the higher storage models are still considered expensive. Not anymore though, since Samsung has now committed to launching 4 TB of SSD Storage for a much lesser price. In addition to this, mobile storage is also expected to receive a cut.

Samsung’s very first 4 TB SSD drive which was launched a couple of years ago had a price tag of a whopping $1,499. This, in turn, meant that the number of 4 TB drives were virtually non-existent. With the rise in demand for SSD storage, as the macro-economists would know, supply tends to increase too, which in turn means that prices tend to get more affordable for the end-user.

Thus this is exactly how Samsung plans on reducing the prices for their 4 TB QLC SSDs – by producing them more than ever. Although the exact price is not known yet, it would at least be more affordable. Though QLC Nand SSDs theoretically don’t offer the same speed as SATA ones, since they compromise speed for Density (thus more storage), Samsung has indeed promised to maintain the same performance levels. These are currently 540 MBps for reading and 520 MBps for writing data.

This new lineup of SSD storage is also expected to include the 1 TB and 2 TB models, which are in fact in more demand. Performance and Storage ratio would be optimized to offer what’s best for the end-customer. In case you feel the drives would not be as reliable, the three-year official Warranty is likely to hold off your concerns.

As for the expected time of release for these new devices, expect them somewhere at the end of this year.

In another news, Samsung also plans on using the same tech “to efficiently produce a 128GB memory card for smartphones that will lead the charge toward higher capacities for high-performance memory storage.” With smartphone storage bumping each year, and in an era where the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to launch with a whopping 512 GB of storage, one might think that memory cards might become useless altogether, but then there are those who need all their data to be portable rather than lying on a memory chip inside a smartphone prone to data loss due to malfunctioning.

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