Samsung and Verizon announce the release date of first 5G smartphone

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Samsung is the biggest smartphone manufacturer by volume, it currently holds around 20% of the global smartphone market. The South Korean giant has been producing smartphones for almost 10 years now. The company that started a very bumpy ride in the smartphone market is all set to release a 10th anniversary edition device early next year which will probably have the 5G technology.

Like Apple’s iPhone X, Samsung too wants its 10th gen device to be revolutionary. The company has some wild plans that it wants to pursue with its anniversary edition device.

Like every year Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S lineup by February which will include the next gen processors from both Qualcomm and Samsung and updated hardware.

In the developers’ summit, Samsung announced the possible configurations of the infinity display that it can deploy on these devices. These are the confirmed specs of the device and one possessing slight knowledge of the smartphone market can predict them. The interesting part is always in the rumors since the whispers of the 5G technology started earlier this year.

A rumor was going about that Samsung is planning on getting hands on the technology first by releasing the smartphone as soon as the technology inaugurates in the US.

Image: indianexpress
Image: indianexpress

The rumor has finally been confirmed when Samsung and Verizon announced that they want to release a 5G compatible device by June next year. On the other hand, it seems confirmed that Apple is highly unlikely to produce a 5G compatible device by next year. The reason being the legal fights against Qualcomm.

Samsung and Verizon will attend the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Technology Summit this week where Qualcomm has promised that it will showcase the working 5G concept device that will be using Qualcomm’s x50 modem.

Additionally, Samsung is also making its own 5G modem Exynos 5100 which will be used in the international version. Samsung will be shipping the international variants of the 5G enabled Galaxy S10 with in house Exynos chip on board. On the other hand, the consumers in the US will get the devices having Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors.

Image: Android Guys
Image: Android Guys

This will be Samsung’s 2nd attempt to showcasing the 5G technology this week. Earlier the South Korean telecom giants such as SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus announced their 5G networks. In one of the presentations, the CEO of SK Telecom was using Samsung’s prototype smartphone to make video calls around the country.

He said, “I feel deeply moved by this first video call on a 5G smartphone, It was much clearer than on LTE and the response was quick”.  The carrier’s 5G network currently covers 19 South Korean cities.

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