Samsung accidentally reveals its bezel-less 8K TV ahead of CES 2020

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If there’s one thing that everyone is trying to achieve with tech, it’s maximum screen real estate. Be it infotainment systems in cars, smartphones, laptops or even TVs; all of them seem to be pushing new boundaries in diminishing the bezel. Samsung, however, seems to have achieved the magic number as its new TV boasts an incredible screen to body ratio of 99%.

Yes, you’ve read that right, we have a TV with 99% of the front surface area being the display. For reference, a typical 2019 flagship smartphone, with all it’s minimal bezels and notch, comes only at about 87%. What’s the benefit of such a display ratio? Well, it gives you the maximum amount of viewing area without taking up too much space around.

Think of flagship smartphones from 2014 and the flagship smartphones of today. Back then you could get a device with a 5.7″ display and it was considered huge at the time. However, now you can get a device with over 6″ of display in exactly the same body footprint. This is the result of maximizing display ratios.

Now that you know the benefits of the unbelievable screen to body ratio, let’s come back to the TV. It is one of the many products set to be displayed at CES 2020, however, unlike OnePlus’s Concept One, this is not a concept and therefore will be sold after the official launch. While we shouldn’t really know much about this device yet, Samsung Korea accidentally leaked most of its details a little ahead of time. They are as follows.


Specs and Features:

  • The official model name of the TV is Q950TS. This, like most Samsung TVs or any TV in general, is a generic name that probably means something inside Samsung but we’re not interested in that unless it reveals a secret feature.
  • It has a QLED panel with a resolution of 8K. While 4K TVs are just starting to get common in most households, 8K is just futuristic enough to give it all the hype. We’re not yet sure exactly about the size of the display but our assumptions are somewhere between 50″- 60″.
  • While the bezel isn’t exactly non-existent, however, whatever is left of it is only 2.3mm at its widest point which is impressive. In case you thought Samsung was just going to displace all the hardware towards the back then you’re wrong as the TV is only 15mm deep.
  • The TV uses a Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) backlight which, paired with “local power distribution” results in a 20% improvement in peak brightness and controlling blooming.
  • The improved 8K Quantum Processor results in better AI Upscaling. This subsequently results in the system learning new algorithms, based on your usage, to calibrate the display for the best possible picture.

This is all that we currently know about the upcoming TV from the Korean tech giant. As of now, the pricing, release date, and availability are not known. However, those details won’t be a mystery for long as CES is just around the corner. We will come back with more details as we get to

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