Ryzen 4000 Series: AMD lands another punch to Intel in Mobile Processors

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Intel is having a hard time lately with AMD crushing their CPU game in the consumer market. While team blue still holds the majority of in-market products, the situation is not getting any better. AMD has this time launched the next generation of their 4000 generation mobile CPUs, which are equipped with Radeon Graphics. These chips are expected to appear in mobile devices like AIO and Prebuild computers with the small form factor.

AMD is killing it right now with their fantastic budget as well as enthusiast lineup. With Intel’s 10th Gen processors close to release tech enthusiasts, we excited for AMD’s desktop lineup update too. The new graphics cards from AMD are also due in the coming months. Looking at what this generation can do from console releases the PC users a looking towards a great year ahead. Keeping all these releases in the dark, AMD decided to releases their new mobile chips.

Ryzen 4000
Image: NotebookCheck

OEM machines are the main target of these chips. The company is doing great with custom PC builds. They are extremely popular with budget users and have far greater value proposition than intel. However, building a computer is not for everyone, and there is not much variety for team red in Prebuild computers. That is why they have decided to launch the new generation of these chips for the application intended in prebuilt systems.

Talking about this release, AMD said that the prebuilt PC market is around five times larger than that custom PC builders. Because of which AMD decided to cater to this market first. With the Ryzen, 4000 mobile processors out, more OEM manufacturers will see how they perform and add them to their offerings. The AMD versions will also cost less because of cheaper APU and even performance improvements. We have seen AMD CPUs outperform Intel variants that cost twice as much.

Take a look at the Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3i. For example, the device costs 840 dollars for the Intel variant, while the AMD configuration comes at around 660 dollars. Keeping these prices in mind, we can safely assume that the desktop variants of these chips will also cost lower too. The prebuilds are not yet available in the market, and there is no tentative date specified by AMD yet. once OEMs start to announce their plans with AMD we will get more information about the release dates.

While AMD has made chips with good integrated graphics before this iteration of mobile devices will bring more improvements. AMD’s Zen 2 architecture which offers faster clocks and better power optimizations. The APU already has a much better graphics processor than intel, and that isn’t changing this time. We will see some excellent performance in light esports titles and playable framerates in demanding games.

This is the main selling point for AMD, which they intend to carry on with the 4000 series update. With the new desktop APU’s, you will be able o play light games on personal and work machines. AMD says that it will open new frontiers for budget gamers. The current generation Ryzen 5 achieves about 30 FPS in Far Cry 5 on 1080p at low preset. while that is far from ideal, it is still playable.

AMD has promised that with the Ryzen 5 4600G, we are looking at about 6% graphics performance bump. The framerate improvement can still vary with games. Some games might give a few more frames, add that to the actual amount, and we have a high performing chip with integrated graphics.

Lastly, talking about the graphics performance, AMD said that they have given OEMs the choice to pair these APUs with any graphics card if they want to, but they are capable enough for “Playable” 1080p gaming. This is, however, at low presets in games, and we will have to wait for the actual product release to see how this claim holds out.

Read more about AMD’s plans for this year here.

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