Rust: How to Fix ‘Error Code 29’ while loading up the game

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If the survival games genre is your go-to thing, you must try Rust. Rust is an open-world survival game cloned and inspired by Day-Z. Developed by Facepinch studios, Rust focuses on the player’s survival abilities to survive the wilderness along with collecting materials, hunting, and tackle enemies. Rust released on Windows in 2018 and is expected to be soon launched on PlayStation and Xbox. Since its release, the game has been quite a success, selling more than 9 million copies. Not bad for a game, not an AAA title.

No matter the game launched recently or is out there for some time, errors and bugs keep affecting the community. Lately, Rust suffered severe errors and glitches. These errors were frequent crashes, ping, and connection issues. But over time, developers solved these through patch updates. However, recently Rust has been affected yet again, this time with Error Code 29.

The error code 29 occurs due to Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) not being installed properly or launcher misbehaving. If you got this error while playing, don’t worry we got you covered. We have devised certain fixes to help you out and resolve your in-game issues. Follow the methods given below to resolve code 29 in Rust:-

Restart Rust on your System, Reboot the device for enhanced performance

Obviously, this would be our first suggestion to resolve the error. This classic old method works most of the time. It is quite simple yet very effective. Whenever you encounter such an error, simply turn off your game and turn it on. This method kills any interrupting tasks running alongside the game and gives the game a fresh start. This will hopefully resolve the conflict and you can presume your gaming experience.

Chances are that your system running overtime may develop certain unwanted processes. These processes running in the background may hinder game performance by affecting in-game modules. Due to which it causes problems in online-gaming. So if the error is still there, simply turn off your system and restart it after some time. This will clear unwanted tasks and refreshes system memory. It also clears the system cache.


Run Steam as an Administrator

Similar to other PC applications, your Steam client may also run into certain trouble. Due to which you may have a problem playing online games or downloading game content. It also causes in-game activity errors. In order to resolve issues, you need to give your Steam client administrative access. Follow the steps below to run Steam as Administrator:-

  • On the desktop, right-click on the ‘Steam’ shortcut
  • From the options, select ‘Run as an Administrator’option

Now your Steam will have control over your system files and it will surely help you to resolve your game error. If these simple methods didn’t work out, try the following technical fixes.

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Verify Rust file integrity on Steam

When downloading Rust from steam, your game files may become damaged or missing. These missing or corrupted files cause certain errors and bugs to arise and disturb your gaming experience. Luckily, you have an option to verify and repair such files through steam without much hassle to do. Verify your game files from steam and it will automatically repair or download damaged files and ease your gaming issues. To verify files, follow the steps given below:-

  • Open Steam from your PC and head to the Library section.
  • Select ‘Rust’ and click on Properties
  • From Properties, go to the Local Files tab and select the ‘Verify Integrity of game files’ option

This will start the verification process and surely resolve your code 29 error in the game. Once done, restart your Steam and launch Rust.

Reinstall EasyAntiCheat (EAC) and run as Admin

Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) is software designed to catch cheaters in an online game. Such players destroy the essence of our gaming and cause a negative impact on the game. It runs in the background while playing the game and catches any cheat detected in the game. One cause for this error could be that your EAC may be malfunctioning and not working properly with the game. Due to which your in-game processes are halted or not getting a secure connection.

You simply need to delete EAC and all other files from the system and download it again. Once done, you also need to provide Admin access to EAC to run, In this way, all the restrictions would be reduced and you can enjoy Rust without error. To run EAC as Admin, follow the steps below:-

  • Open Steam and go to the Library
  • From Library, select Rust and right-click on Properties
  • From the Properties menu, navigate to ‘Local Files Tab’
  • From there, select the ‘Browse Local Files’ button
  • Now search for the EasyAntiCheat folder and search for the ‘EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe’ file
  • Right-click and select the ‘Run as an administrator’ option
  • Exit steam and launch the game via Steam again

This step will surely be able to resolve the error and you can continue playing the game without any hindrance.


Uninstall Rust and Download again

Your luck just ran out if you are reading this step. If none of the above methods worked out, your only option is to delete the game and all files on the system and download them again. This deletes all the damaged files from the system and clears the remaining junk. Downloading again gives a fresh start to your system and game and in this way, you can try to reduce this error if it is still bugging you. This method is also quite useful and worked for many players around the world. Considering everyone does not have a good internet connection, this step could be a pain for some gamers.

If none of the fixes worked for you, you need to contact the Rust support team immediately and try to get your error code 29 fixed as soon as possible. You can contact them on Twitter or ping your queries here. They will surely be able to help you.

Rust is available on PC. If you haven’t played Rust yet, do give it a try. Steam is offering a 33% discount. Do check it out before it ends.


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