Rumors round up of the next gen graphics cards from Nvidia

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All of us are waiting for at least a word from Nvidia that is somehow related to the next generation of their Graphics cards, but we are only getting the rumors some of which are contradictory while many of them show some promise, but we can never be sure about the rumors.

Nevertheless, we have gathered various rumors from different websites scrutinized them to some extent and made a list of the features, release dates and other information. Let’s get started.

Primary information

Let me circumscribe the whole scenario with our readers first, the last gen graphics card from Nvidia most commonly known as the pascal cards have been around for two years now they had a significant leap over the Maxwell cards and most of them are still capable of producing top of the line graphics and smooth framerates.

The cards can perform well at the games of their release era, but as the technology is progressing day by day, the graphics and visuals are improving so the same cards are performing a bit less. That is why there is a dire need of a new graphics hardware at least for the top end lineup, that can easily perform better than the GTX 1080Ti and have much more life and performance. But the Nvidia CEO Mr. Huang said on the stage of Computex that the new graphics cards are “a long time from now,” although he was not specific, the statement should mean something in this whole scenario.

Image: techradar
Image: techradar

Release rumors

                   There are many conflicting release rumors, conflicting in a sense that the release schedule they are giving is not what we are used to as far as Nvidia’s release schedule is concerned. The rumor that we talked about in an earlier post was allegedly from Nvidia’s partner and a gamer over YouTube got an email where they talked about the release date that is at the end of August for the flagship 1180/2080 card while its strange ‘+’ version will be released after a month that has never been the case with Nvidia’s release schedule.

The recent rumors are suggesting that the Graphics cards will be released in September but here the schedule is not discriminated by the names but the groups depending upon the respective power draws. There is a release timeframe along with the reported price ranges of the graphics cards depending upon the power dissipation. The 120W cards will be around $499 by the end of September, 150W cards will be around $599 during the 2nd week of the September, and the 180W cards will be around $699-$749 to be released at the start of September.

image: the Inquirer
image: the Inquirer

Specification rumors

The rumors about the specifications are mostly overshadowed by the rumors related to the release date of the Graphics cards that is why the information is scarce and controversial so bear with me for this part. In the architecture department, we know Nvidia will not use the Volta architecture since it is specifically designed for machine learning and AI purposes so the Turing architecture will be used according to rumors.

The only thing that can be said about the specifications of the new Graphics card is the available video memory will be the GDDR6 memory manufactured by Micron. The memory is much faster and efficient compared to the GDDR5 module and the GDDR5X module, but the cost of producing this memory is 20% higher, and Nvidia can use not only Micron’s memory but also Samsung’s GDDR6 memory that they have started producing.

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The GTX 1180/2080 will have 11GB of GDDR6 memory which is equal to the memory of the last gen flagships, but the additional bandwidth and speed of the GDDR6 module will enable the card to surpass its predecessor easily additionally there are rumors of increasing the CUDA core count too.

Image: Engadget
Image: Engadget

For the other graphics cards, the rumors suggest that the increase in price is attributed towards the addition of the GDDR6 memory and additional respective components the successor of the 6GB GTX 1060 will have 8GB of GDDR6 memory and the rumored MSRP price difference of more than 200 dollars. It shows that the prices of the next gen cards can be around 20 to 40 percent higher than the current gen cards, the performance boost is necessary after the generational gap, but the price premium can be considered as the grain in the salt.

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Final thoughts

The rumor count circumscribed around the next generation of Graphics cards from Nvidia is increasing in hours, not in days, but Nvidia has neither spoken a word in this regard nor have they denied any of the rumors. We are hoping Nvidia will at least roll out information in this regard in the next month if they are going to release the graphics cards. It would benefit the consumers as the prices of the current gen graphics cards will decrease significantly, and people who could not buy the graphics cards can buy them.


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