Rumors have it: Here is everything we know about the iPhone 8 so far

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Apple phones are one of the most anticipated products of the year. With the latest versions of the iPhone releasing almost every year, speculations and leaks before the release have become the norm, building up the ‘Apple craze’ months before the actual release.

This year too isn’t any different. Ever since the announcement of iPhone 8, speculations about its features and leaks related to its new design have been doing the rounds. The latest rumors related to Apple’s flagship smartphones to join this bandwagon is that iPhone 8 may have a thin bezel that can be attached on the body for a larger display, which will be of the same size as the current iPhone with a screen display of 4.7-inch.

However, if rumors are to be believed, then this will probably be one of Apple’s least thought-out designs. Considering that on top of the display would be front-facing cameras and sensors, taking up a large portion of the screens, the bezel will make the experience of using it more complex.

This news came after images of screen protectors for iPhone 8 were posted on the Chinese microblogging site – the Chinese equivalent to Facebook and Twitter – Wiebo. The images show how big the size of the bezels might be and the different colors iPhone 8 will soon be available in.

But we can’t help but hope that Apple will soon add more colors to this range, because let’s face it. Ain’t we all bored of having the silver, the gold, the black, the white and the rose colored iPhones? Earlier this year, iPhone made a statement by going bold with its special edition blood red colored iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. These phone were almost sold like hot cakes, raking in huge profits for the company.

Apple’s next generation of iPhones, which are slated to release in September this year, will probably be called the ‘iPhone Edition’ or ‘iPhone X’. This is probably because the phone will also mark Apple’s 10th anniversary, making it all the more special. Although the company itself hasn’t made any official announcements relating to its specifications or design, Apple’s supplier confirmed that for the first time in Apple’s history the iPhone will have waterproof wireless chargers. Other specifications include an unusual vertical dual rear-facing camera and a curved AMOLED display. Rumors have it that the same month will also see the release of hardly-impressive iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

But the sad news is. According to an analyst, the company will only be releasing a limited number of its ‘iPhone Edition’ and it will take months, owing to issues related to its Touch ID sensor, before all iPhone lovers can have their hands on the new edition. And if speculations are to be trusted, the next generation of iPhones will be priced as high as $1,000, making it one of the most expensive of Apple’s flagship smartphones.

But perhaps, only time can confirm what to expect from the iPhone 8. So let’s gear up with our sleeping bags and food storage to stand in queues outside Apple stores to get our hands on their latest version. It shall be all worth the wait.

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