RoBoHon: A Robot Smartphone straight from the future

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Whenever one does the analysis of technological advancements, the minds ponder on the thought of reality being far off beyond the world of wildest imaginations.

The people due to technology traveled from caves to beautiful houses. Lives were never luxurious as before. Past and present all that we humans get hold off but drive to future is a real and exuberant experience which will entail the advancements of the technology itself. A combo of smartphone and robot might sound like something coming from the future but it has happened, earlier than we thought.

The Japanese creation, Robohon is the finest and most sophisticated piece of innovations technology can bring into life. Arthur C. Clarke, a renowned author was ahead of times and had already guessed the wildness and charm of technology it would invest in future.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Can you expect Robots installed with emotions?

Robots and emotions are the two opposite poles that were always expected to repel.  Robots were assumed as machines with no touch of emotions. Ok! No more, Robohon has been launched with its outstanding features ever witnessed before.

Robohon is full of emotions similar to be expected from any human being. What else can technology change? Robohon can dance, walk and entertain you till your bored vanishes in the air. Imagine: Alarm switching off and Robohon waving his hand weighing just 390 gm!The robot has been manufactured to recognize faces and read human emotions. Understanding human emotions by a machine, a real wonder indeed!

Robohon has passed all the tests of emotional attachment with the users and can serve them in any field. Supporting the owner morally when tears shed from eyes is no more a dream come true.

Do you want a handy media partner and personal assistant together?

Ok, finally your wait is over! Robohon looking like a robot and working like a smartphone too is a cherry on top. Robohon can remind any elderly for taking medicines or even can stop a taxi for the user. It is not less than a genie that you imagine and it serves. It can serve the millennial with all what they need. It can make conference calls and can even answer your phone calls as it’s a humanoid mobile with the iOS operating system.

Not to forget selfies, Cheers to Robohon that can bend on its waist on any surface to facilitate your photo moments. It can even serve as a baby toy for the babies.

Thus, Robohon is the answer to all our queries related to our future aspects. Sharp has succeeded in providing even something better than iPhone. The 20 cm tall Robohon is worthy to spend $1800 on with further $6 every month for voice recognition add-on. It can work on the voice instructions fully and carries a mini screen if needed for complex tasks.

Robohon is expected to be launch in Japan and is expected to beat the iPhone and Galaxy S6. It is hardly expected to be launch outside Japan as Sharp serves Japan only. Well, still it is hoped to see it launched worldwide in its special pouch like a baby in a cot!

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