Rich Farmer Campaigns Against Farmers at His Home in Devon

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Jeremy Roe, 69, a wealthy man who owns a home in Devon at the countryside of London has just launched a campaign towards the farmers there who use slurry in which he states that the appalling smell of it prevents him from enjoying his weekend stay at his second home.

Mr. Roe claims that he now spends a much less time at his home in Devon due to the farmers throwing more and more slurry into the fields, and other residents who were new to Devon have also claimed that they are disappointed by the smells that surface from all over the fields.

Mr. Roe has had several allegations thrown at him in which they claimed he does not seek to see any further development within the land due to his own claims of having to rush his family out of the area to protect themselves.

The Campaign

Mr. Roe initiated a wide scaled campaign that aims to tackle the excessive slurry being thrown, along with tackling the entire set of methods used for cattle farming. A website called has been created as well for the campaign.

Mr. Roe stated that although he had no opposing views regarding farming in general, he is concerned about the overly large industrial scale that farming has reached and the tactics involved in achieving these industrial farming demands.

“What I know is near my home recently gallons were spread and nobody knew what the devil was in it,” Mr. Roe said, in remark about his concerns regarding the safety of the inhabitants within the vicinity of these farming areas.

Peter Willes, a farmer that Mr. Roe has greatly criticized has apparently thrown millions of gallons of slurry on Mr. Roe’s farms and allegedly constructed a dairy farm back in 2012 without consent from the homeowner.

This dairy farm has apparently contaminated the water in the area whilst creating more than 10 million gallons of slurry a year.


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