Refrigerdating: Why would Samsung launch an unusual dating app like this?

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They say you are what you eat. Turns out, Samsung thinks that your new partner may be exactly what you eat (or what your refrigerator holds for them to eat). The renowned smartphone and gadget manufacturer is turning away from technology and hardware to meddle with your Tinder-reliant love life, that too with something better than Tinder’s staged selfie swipes.

Samsung has launched its very own dating application called Refrigerdating which uses its smart refrigerator’s camera to take a snapshot of what’s inside your fridge and then lets you browse through other people’s refrigerators to match with someone whose fridge interests you. Talk about Tinder being shallow for swipes on looks, Samsung is doing it right by swiping on the thing that really matters: food.

Let’s talk Refrigerators. If you don’t already own a Samsung Family Hub “more-than-a-refrigerator” Refrigerator, here are a few reasons why you should. First of all, it’s absolutely gorgeous. The iconic four door flex build design is practical and classy. It maximizes the space it takes up and makes for a sleek addition to your home kitchen. In addition to that, the fridge comes with a stunning 21.5 inch built in touch screen. It has a variety of pre-installed applications as well as a camera feed that you can use to keep track of what’s in there and when it’s going to spoil.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. Image: Chris Monrow / CNET

Then, you’ve got Pandora for streaming music, Tune In for your podcasts, a shopping list application to keep track of your groceries, TV mirroring that displays what’s on your Samsung smart TV onto the screen on your refrigerator (talk about keeping up with your serials while you’re in the kitchen), StickiBoard for a Google and Outlook synthesized digital calendar, and even a collection of neat recipe videos called Club des Chefs. It’s a pretty expensive fridge, but if you’re able to go the extra mile to build up your budget, then it’s definitely a trendy and useful addition to your kitchen.

If that wasn’t enough to win you over, guess what, the refrigerator now includes Samsung’s very own Refrigerdating application which will instantly snapshot the contents of your refrigerator and put them up on the app for others to swipe at!

Screenshot of the Refrigerdating Website. Image: Facts Chronicle

Dating applications based upon common interests or discussion topics aren’t uncommon, but where did Samsung come about with such an unexpected idea? Apparently, it originated in Sweden. It makes you wonder what really brings single people together in that country. The Samsung Electronics Sweden’s PR Manager, Elin Axelsson, propagated a hearty and wholesome message when she said that “We hope people can meet under more honest or transparent circumstances with the help of the contents of the fridge, because that can tell you a lot about the personality.” This comes as a step that promotes moving away from filtered, edited, and misleading online photographs that only give you a surface look at someone else’s outer shell. Samsung hopes that this can be a refreshing step aside from the generic plethora of dating apps to give you another look at someone in a way that speaks to you about some aspect of their personality.

Good news for those who don’t own a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator (yet): Refrigerdating is also available online and it’s accessible through any phone (no, you do not have to be a Samsung user). The concept behind the application is to bring forward a unique niche dating idea and use the pattern of already popular applications such as Tinder to give it the same familiar feel but with a different touch.

Online dating has become more common than ever in the last decade, and eating habits are something to consider for a stable and long lasting healthy relationship. We’re not jumping to any conclusions but who knows, you may just find your Gluten-free match through Refrigerdating. Or you may well find someone who’s there to eat the pickles you pick out… your perfect other half!

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