Redstone 5 a.k.a Windows 10 October 2018 Update, coming this fall

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Since Windows 10, Microsoft has adopted a new business strategy, where instead of selling an all-new Windows after a few years, it is simply going to update the version for who knows, forever – twice a year.

It has been some time since the last Windows 10 April update, which means the fall version of updated Windows 10 anytime soon. The wait is now over since we now know that the Windows 10 update has been given an official name by Microsoft itself, as of today. Prior to today’s announcement, the Windows 10 fall update was codenamed Redstone 5. Like every time, the name gets changed to something else, since the codename is actually for the Microsoft Employees, but for the public, the new update is officially going to be called as the “Windows 10 October 2018 Update”.

As the name suggests, it is likely that the update is expected sometime around October, but that might not be the case, considering what happened with the Windows 10 April Update, which was actually postponed till May. That was due to a serious bug though, and assuming that Microsoft is more careful, we can expect the update to be available at the end of October at most.

The new update is expected to bring some new features to the Windows platform. The snipping tool has received an update and now there is an option for a darkly themed file explorer as well. The update includes some improvements to Microsoft Edge as well, and now you can also see performance information in the Xbox Game Bar. In addition to this, there is also a new cloud clipboard that syncs across machines.

The update’s development phase is expected to be finished by the end September so that the Windows Insiders can test the update during the early days of October. Once this beta stage finishes, you can expect the update to be ready for the end user.

As for Microsoft, it is now starting to divert its attention to the next major Windows update after this, which is currently codenamed 19H1. This one is expected somewhere near April 2019, following suit. It is currently not known what the new April update might bring on the table. On the other hand, Microsoft has already started testing on this update as well since Late July.

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