Redmi K30

Redmi K30 Ultra Review – This is the true Flagship Killer that we all wanted

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As the decade came to an end, Xiaomi declared some big news for the world. To celebrate their tenth birthday the company has made the iconic, and long-awaited, Redmi K30 Ultra available to the public. Not just that, another big chunk of information was made public by the company. The Redmi K30 Ultra isn’t the only phone they plan to launch on their tenth anniversary. The flagship Mi 10 Ultra, another one of their long in the works smartphone is set for a release.

With the release of the Redmi K30 Ultra, the series will be adding its third installation to the list. In order to do what Xiaomi does so well – offer high-end performance smartphones at reasonable prices, Xiaomi has opted to go for a MediaTek chipset. With their latest installment to the series, the Redmi K30 series is now up to three smartphones.

So far, the Redmi K30 Ultra has only been released in China. There is no confirmation regarding the fact as to whether or not the smartphone will be launched in the global market and made available to all. For now, the privilege of owning this device, the K30 Ultra, lies solely with the Chinese locals.

Build and Design

The Redmi K30 Ultra looks almost exactly the same as its younger brother, the K30 Pro. Coming in 4 color options, the phone sports that familiar seamless display without any notch or camera cutout. Not only that but the display is also flat, which makes it much more practical for use as compared to curved displays we see on modern flagships.

K30 Ultra

The Redmi K30 Ultra is sized at a hand-supportive 6.67 inches. The display screen is an AMOLED FHD+. The resolution goes up to 2400×1080. The refresh rate of the phone is 120Hz, which is something we don’t see very often at this price point. The touch sampling rate is 240 Hz. The contrast ratio comes out to 5,000,000:1. Last but not least the brightness goes up to 800 nits.

Redmi K30 Ultra has a flagship processor but is not on par with the SD865

Anyways, enough shop-talk, now let’s talk features. As we discussed before, the Redmi K30 Ultra is propelled to function by a MediaTek processor. The smartphone comes with MediaTek’s latest flagship chipset known as the Dimensity 1000+.

The Dimensity 1000+ not only keeps your phone running smoothly and at the speed of light, but it also lets your phone enjoy the service of 5G. That’s a rather impressive feat, to be honest, offering 5G supportive smart-phones at the rates that Xiaomi does is no less than a miracle.

mediatek dimensity

In terms of real-life performance, you can expect fluidity and responsiveness approaching the levels of the highly-revered Snapdragon 865. However, if you’re more inclined towards the gaming side of things, you’ll definitely notice a downgrade but it won’t be substantial enough to hinder your experience.

Hyper Engine 2.0 will elevate the gaming prowess of Redmi K30 Ultra

Guess what, the story of how absolutely mind-blowing the features of this phone are doesn’t just end there. The story continues with the assistance of dual Hyper Engine 2.0 which comes accompanying the grand Game Turbo maximization engines.

Xiaomi even released a public statement in which they said the K30 Ultra has been designed with gamers at the top of their mind. To put it in their own words the “Redmi K30 Ultra is the perfect fit for most games” and they guarantee a “rapid, responsive, and frictionless gaming experience.”


The K30 Ultra also comes power-packed with an absolutely crazy storage house. With about four RAM and multiple storage variants that house a 6 GB RAM/128 GB storage, 8 GB RAM/ 128 GB storage, and last but not least an 8GB RAM/ 512 GB storage. That is enough for anyone whether you’re a student, gamer, or CEO, this has enough storage for all.


The Redmi K30 also brings with it four-set back camera rig one front camera that, for the pizzazz, comes out of the phone like a cute pop-up. The set-back camera rig comes with cameras at different strengths to cater to all your photographic demands. There’s a 64 MP camera for high-resolution shots, a 13 MP ultra-wide camera with a 119-degree FOV for those larger and wider landscape shots. Then there’s also a 5 MP macro lens and a 2 MP depth sensor to add the perfect feel to all your photographs.

Redmi K30 Ultra

You can expect some fairly decent shots out of this camera setup but don’t expect Pixel levels of detail or processing here. Additionally, getting a Google Camera port to work properly on a MediaTek chipset has also proven to be difficult in the past so don’t get your hopes too high there either.

If you’re planning on perfecting your selfies game though, then the K30 Ultra might just be the one for you. Remember the cute pop-up camera we talked about. Well, that one comes offering 20 MP and supports videos to be shot in 120 frames per second.

The option to shoot slow-motion videos with your front camera will also be available to you as will the option to use multi-color notifications. Moreover, if during any of your photography adventures you drop your phone, you’ve got nothing to worry about since the second you drop the phone the camera will slide right back into safety.

Battery Life

The battery built into the smartphone is a 4500mAh. It also supports the 33W fast charging system. What’s best is that you don’t have to get the fast charger separately. The charger comes bundled with the phone as one. While it is a slight downgrade from the K30 Pro, 4500 mAh should still be more than enough to get you through the day with over 5 hours of screen-on time.

The Redmi K30 Ultra also comes fitted with a linear vibration motor and a dual stereo speaker. An NFC supporter chip is added in there. Xiaomi is also touting the three-mic audio zoom that will definitely help with improving the sound quality. Additionally, the trusty IR blaster is also making a return alongside an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Redmi K30 Ultra Verdict

While the Redmi K30 Ultra falls short in the processing department as compared to other flagships, it is still more than enough for most people. And, when you consider the price tag on this thing, you’d have to be bonkers to not recommend it to anyone. At such a low price point, the K30 Ultra brings flagship specs and a high refresh-rate display which is something unheard of right now.

So, when you compare it to phones like OnePlus Nord or the Pixel 4a, the K30 Ultra blows them out of the water and sends them off into outer space. This is a phone that is truly worthy of the flagship killer tag and we hope that Xiaomi can bring it to markets other than China as well.



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