Reasons Why We Love The New HP Spectre x360 1030 G2 UltraBook

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Hp Spectre x360 1030 G2 is one of the best convertibles in the market and is personally my favorite ultrabook. It is a perfect laptop for business users who need to carry it with them on the go. It comes loaded with some really great specs under the hood. We were able to get our hands on this device so here is everything you need to know about the Hp Spectre x360 1030 G2.

  • Design:

Taking a look at the ultrabook for the first time you are struck by its premium and high-end built quality. It features an all-metal design which is really outstanding. Also not only this laptop is really sleek to look at but it is very durable that is thanks to military-grade materials used for this unit. It is designed to shock drops and extreme temperatures.

It weighs around 2.8 pounds and is a very portable device measuring at 12.48 x 8.6 x 0.59 inches. This device is perfect for taking with you on the go for taking notes in a meeting or other office tasks.

Image Laptop Mag
  • Display:

Moving on to the display, it sports 13.3 inch IPS touch panel having a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Now it is a glossy display which might be a downside for some people as it reflects light but I don’t think of it as a big issue. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and the pixel density is 166 ppi. The colors are on the accurate and natural side at 88.7% sRGB but I do wish the screen was brighter as it only has 256 nits in terms of brightness that means it is not going to be great for outdoor use but for indoor use it gets the job perfectly done.

There is also a 4K option for those wanting more pixels and more color accuracy but those who prefer battery life will not mind the Full-HD display.

  • Specifications:

The Hp Elitebook x360 G2 comes in at $1,279 and that is the price for the base unit featuring 8 Gigabytes of RAM and 128 Gigabytes of SSD storage. It is powered by the Intel Core i5-7200U CPU but if don’t mind spending a little bit more then you can go for the Core i7-7500U Kabylake CPU variant which also maxes out the RAM at 16 Gigabytes and also gives you a higher storage space option.

It is geared towards business users so don’t expect to run high-end games on this device. It sports an Intel HD 620 Graphics processor which is decent for day to day tasks, editing and video processing. The I/o options on this device include one Thunderbolt 3 port, USB 3.0 port, HDMI port and three standard USB ports. You also Headphone/Mic jack and a Smartcard reader. On the side, you can also find the power button and volume rocker keys.

The speakers are located at the bottom of the device which I’m not a fan of but in terms of audio quality they are loud and clear with little bit bass. You can also customize the audio to your liking with the B&O control panel.
Since this device designed for the business users there is no shortage of security features especially the shore view privacy screen which with just a touch of a button gets rid of any side views so no one will be able to peek, you will only be able to see the screen head-on. You even get a SIM card slot which is capable of 4G LTE connectivity.

Also, there is a fingerprint sensor which can be set up for logging into Windows instead of by using a password. It works really well and registers your finger every time when logging in without any error.

Image by Laptop Msg
  • Keyboard And TouchPad:

The keyboard is one of the best things about this device, it is really outstanding and without a doubt, it is the best that I have ever used on an ultrabook. There is 1.2 millimeters of key travel but they feel very responsive and comfortable to type on. There is very little flex in the keyboard thanks to its solid construction. It also features multi-level backlighting which really helps in the dark and thanks to its black keys it is also easier to read than its predecessor.

As far as the touchpad is concerned it uses precision drivers and is also really spacious measuring at 4.3 by 2.6 inches. It is also really smooth, responsive and accurate which makes the overall experience really good.

  • Battery:

Hp claims that you are gonna get about 16 and a half hours of battery life which is of course in ideal conditions. In my testing at 50% in which I did web surfing, watching Youtube and a bit of playing CS GO, the laptop lasted for nearly 10 hours which means it has a really good battery life.

  • Verdict:

All in all the HP Spectre x360 1030 G2 is a really great ultrabook for its price, it provides unique security features along with excellent built quality and impressive design. The specs are also really good and in terms of performance, it is really fast and snappy. Additionally, it is also really portable and lightweight which makes it a perfect choice for students and office workers.

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