Reason why you should reconsider your decision of buying iPhone X

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The new iPhone X will be hitting the market in November and you are probably wondering whether to buy it or not.

Well talking about all those claims of introducing new technologies and cool features, the new iPhone X has failed to impress me in a lot of ways, to be honest. Because I am quite aware that apart from Animoji, there’s nothing new and unique in new iPhones.

Since the Apple event, everyone is talking about the great features of the new iPhone X like wireless charging​, bezel-less display, face unlock and the new A11 processor. But if you are a tech freak and have a knowledge about other phones in the market, you will quickly realize that this is nothing new and these features have been around on Android for ages.

In this post, I have shared my research on iPhone X and the credibility of the features it offers.

• No Fingerprint Scanner:

Lately, the tech giant Apple has been doing some really weird things. Instead of adding more and new features to their phone, they are actually removing the existing ones.

Last year they removed the 3.5mm headphone jack which is very important for a phone instead they convinced us to use their wireless airpods which are not as good as some of the highend wired headphones out there and if they get lost they are also extremely expensive to buy.

This year the company ditched the touch ID feature which is the most secure way to lock your phone. Instead, they have introduced their version of some kind of Facial recognition which isn’t super reliable, and we were clearly able to see that yesterday when the iPhone 8 Face ID failed twice in a row during the Apple Event.

It really does make you wonder that how well the technology will work, will it be able to replace the touch ID, will it be able to recognize you if you shave your beard or put on a new pair of shades. We will see and inform you all about that when we will actually try it.

Even if the Face ID works perfectly, Apple should give their customers a chance to choose the security feature they want to use. Plus it is a whole lot easier to unlock the phone with a single touch instead of lifting up the phone and point it directly at your face, then look straight and swipe up.

Touch ID is not expensive at all and is much faster and reliable than Face ID and Apple could have easily placed it at the back of the phone but I don’t why they didn’t, I guess it is just what Apple do, remove essential features.

Image by CNET

• Design:

A Design is a very important aspect of the phone. In iPhone X, the glass body, horizontal camera shape and having the front all screen isn’t something new, we have seen such designs before.

Although the display is an edge to edge but this is nothing new since it has been around in other devices for quite a while now, plus the notch at the top is really annoying it makes the phone look really weird.

I know they had to put all the sensors and the front camera but they could have done it in a much better way like the other manufacturers.

Due to this notch most of the content that you are used to of seeing will look different and cropped. Moving to the back of the phone there is huge camera bump and the back is not attractive at all, i mean that’s just my opinion but seeing some Android smartphones designs lately this phone looks pretty boring to me.

Image by Apple

• High Price Point:

The iPhone X is extremely expensive and will be costing $999 for just the 64GB storage model. There is no possible way the company can justify​ that high price. There are many other phones out there with much better specs which cost a whole lot less than the iPhone 10.

Take the unlocked version of Samsung Galaxy S8 for example which is initially retailed for $725 and does have a fingerprint scanner as well as headphone jack and looks pretty attractive. LG G6​ on the other hand at the time of its release had a price tag of $599.

There are many smartphones out there with bezel less display, wireless charging and have high end specs that cost a whole less than iPhone X.

Another thing worth pointing out here is that the iPhone X won’t be supporting the fast charging straight out of the box, you will have to separately​ buy their overly price adapter to experience fast charging which in case of Android you get straight out of the box at much less price.

Image by Private School Reviews

So these are the reason why iPhone X failed to convince me to spend $1000 on it. Let me know what you think about iPhone X and its features in the comments below.

 – This Article is writer’s personal opinion

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