RC Drift Cars: Real Pleasure with Thrill

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RC addiction lets you have a real-time thrilling experience with some powerful cars on the track. It’s obvious why RC cars are so popular among the car lovers and people who seek pleasure in driving and drifting cars. Not only the children, RC cars are also popular among the young people who love cars.

Drifting or Drift Racing is a very famous hobby for both the professional drivers and the fans they love driving or watching cars racing. If you are new to this hobby or have been thinking to get a RC car or you want to learn the thrilling driving experience of drift racing, you have come to the right place.

What Is RC Drift Car?

The RC Drifting started many years ago from Japan, where people used to race their home-built RC cars, which then flourished in to a proper DRIFTING COMPETITION that takes place every year around the world. Many of the toy manufacturing companies saw the demand for RC Cars and started producing RC Drift cars, and now we can not only watch the drift racing on our TVs but also enjoy driving and drifting it personally.

Among all the remote controlled toys including Quad-copters, Boats, Helicopters and Airplanes, RC Cars are the toughest and most liked remote controlled toys in this category, and all the credit goes to the world famous game NEED FOR SPEED which is one of the most popular games in the world ever made and the FAST AND FURIOUS movie series which boosted up the trend of drifting and racing cars in the whole world.

RC Cars are usually lightweight with a solid body, having real rubber tires with a powerful engine, which gives you a proper hold and easy drifting around the corners of the tracks. RC Cars comes in two types of ENGINES, electric and Gas/Nitro. Obviously the gas/nitro operated engines have more power and speed and they create more noise but they usually are very messy to keep and need more maintenance like oiling etc. Gas operated RC cars give you more real like feeling and they are expensive and hard to maintain but sill the pro drifters prefer having a gas operated RC car for better control and more thrilling experience. But that does not mean electric RC Cars are useless or worse it’s just the difference of operating the car. RC cars also come in different prices, shape, models like 1:16 scale RC cars are smaller and perfect for the indoors whereas 1:10 scale RC cars are big in size and they are designed for street races, however these are just recommendations and we think its always wise to buy a bigger model.

The best RC cars have a four wheel drive option for easy handling with a low center of gravity that makes the drifting easy for the car. It’s highly recommended that you should invest on hobby-grade RC drifting cars to refine your skills and drifting and then jump to a higher level RC model.

We have gathered down a list of top entry level RC Cars available in the market that are the best and will give you the real thriller experience of drifting.

1. Maisto RC1967 Ford Mustang:

With a fast speed low-maintenance electric engine and scale speed of 15mph, Maisto is one of the fastest RC cars and no doubt the most good looking too. This gorgeous looking car has a lightweight solid frame with alloy designer rims. The light chassis and the rubber tires help the car to move fast and drift smoothly that makes this RC car very special. Maisto RC1967 Ford Mustang is suitable for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts or people who like old muscle cars considering this 1967 ford mustang the best and the most popular among the community and the collectors too.

2. 3Racing Sakura XI Sport:

Sakura X is an entry-level RC car and the upgraded version of Sakura Zero Sport that was a big hit. It has a fiberglass chassis and the center of the car body ensures the hold at high speed, maximizing its aerodynamic properties, the car itself is brilliantly manufactured. Really easy to handle and the gears are just perfectly placed. Sakura X is a lightweight RC car with an amazing handling and the full range adjustable settings for different racing conditions. This RC car also has racing spec drive belts that help with handling and speed. This RC car is designed to use casually or for proper racing.

3. Tamiya TT-01:

Released in 2003, Tamiya TT01 is a 1:10 scale, very famous RC car in entry-level racing especially for drifting and rallying. Tamiya has a central shaft-driven chassis that makes it very durable and smooth in indoors and outdoors. The lightweight chassis gives this car an ultimate low center of gravity that makes it easier to turn on the corners. You also get an option to upgrade the plastic parts to aluminum if you are pro driver and want more precision driving and control. The new addition of LED lights in the most of the TT01 kits makes this RC Car look more realistic and sporty as the front and backlights turns on.

4. Electric Toyota Trueno AE 86 RTR:

If you want to learn the drifting moves with a beginner level car, this is what you are looking for. With a beautiful looking lightweight 80s popular body with high gloss paint job, and front wheel alignment, Toyota Trueno AE86 comes with 1:10 scale size and a 4WD powerful yet quite electric engine that gives you really good controls on U-turns and figure-8 drifts. It has very easy-to-use controls. And despite of being a beginner level RC car, many pro users prefer it because of its incredibly good handling and controls. Toyota AE 86 comes with a rechargeable battery pack and spare tires (especially made for drifting) and it has a working front and backlights. It is comparatively small in the size scale i.e. 1:24.

5. HPI Sprint 2 Sport:

This is probably the fastest and the best-looking car in the list that is also easy to handle and has a lot of options for modification. HPI Sprint 2 has a 4WD low maintenance brushed motor engine that is powerful and quite. This RC car has a rare function that makes it very unique and popular in cold and wet parts of the world since its waterproof! Yes being a waterproof RC car gives you an opportunity to drive it in wet and cold places without even having a worry about the car getting wet. Sprint 2 Sport has a 6 spoke matt black Volk TE37 wheels and silicon oil filled shocks, which give this car a really good control on turns and drift.

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