Razer’s new Neon-colored Hammerhead earbuds look pretty cool

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Along with the Razer Phone, the company has launched Hammerhead neon green (the trademark green) earbuds to compliment the phone. Designed with a USB-C connector, it comes as a good news to those who bought their new smartphone since the phone lacks the 3.5mm headphone jack, and rather has a USB C port.

It’s all about that bass, when it comes to the Razer Hammerheads. Mastering in the epic sounds the one that provide you great sense of calm with every pop and ticker in the sound. The company has the sound that gets you moving to great beats to the tunes which can pump you up for a thriller scene.

You get the same amazing audio results anywhere you are using the new Razer Hammerheads. Just simply plug them in and enjoy the sweet sound.

All this great sound and the claims of the new Hammerheads are backed by Razer using custom tuned DAC converter.  The converter helps to leverage its digital output to produce some pretty smooth clean sound, unprocessed straight from the source. What you’ll get is the purest and most accurate sound anywhere you are.


Although the headphones have a little lift to them, that does not make them uncomfortable in any way. The Razer’s green is apparent in headphones too. This green is evident in the flat cable and the logo on the backside of the bud pulses green too. Pretty cool isn’t it.

The Hammerhead’s 10 mm drivers ensure a louder clearer sound as compared to the usual 6 mm available in the market. You are bound to enjoy jazz and heavy metal with these buds considering it has an optimized inner acoustic chamber which successfully deliver deep clear audio which is distortion free.


The major features of the Hammerheads are as follows:

  • USB-C Connector
  • a custom-tuned DAC converter for clear raw sound
  • Flat not round cable to prevent tangling
  • ear plugs in 3 different sizes
  • In-line microphone and volume control
  • a carry case

Razer’s Hammerhead USB-C earbuds are available and shipping now directly from the Razer store for $79.99.

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