Razer’s all new Broadcast Studio is a Streamer’s Paradise… Or Not!

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With online streaming becoming a booming industry in the past couple of years, self-made celebs tend to draw millions of live viewers with every stream on the go. The vlogging is so on demand, that Razor known as a gaming laptop, mouse and keyboard maker ( and a wide variety of products, like Xbox controllers, power banks, and even an upcoming phone), stepped up its game by introducing two new streaming peripherals Razer Kiyo webcam and Siren X mic.

Previously the company had introduced Stargazer webcam, designed for streaming online games, and now it’s back with its satchel carrying two more nifty additions to the lot. Designed from the ground up with streamers in mind, the Razer Broadcast Studio provides everything you require to get a professional quality stream up and going is what the company has to say regarding the studio.


The Razer Kiyo webcam comes with adjustable lightening. The multi-step ring light has twelve white LEDs which allow you to control the level of brightness up to twelve modes. The Razer Kiyo supports streaming on popular platforms like Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit, so you can continue using your preferred streaming platform of choice to reach your audiences.

The four megapixel camera can record up to 720p resolution at 60 fps or 1080p at 30 fps for full HD. The Kiyo comes with a 1.5 meter braided cable terminating in a USB 2.0 connection and will sell for $99.99.


Along with the webcam, Siren X microphone is another addition to the broadcast studio. Described as a professional grade by the company, the mic uses a supercardioid pickup pattern, recording the sound at a tighter angle. This feature blocks out any background noise delivering your voice clear cut to the audience.

The built-in shock mount greatly helps dampen the vibrations in your stream. So no more being cautious as to when to move and where to move, for the shock absorber would prevent the stream against sound anomalies. The condenser mic has the added feature of being sleek, taking up minimum space on your desktop.

With zero latency monitoring and removable desk, the USB microphone comes with the price of $99.99.

Despite the saturated market for the webcams and mics, Razer took the bold step to introduce something of its own lot. But with such daunting steps come some daunting risks. For example, the webcam introduce might sound fancy and techy with its selfie light for streaming, but it would face serious competition from the already present gear. For light isn’t really a major issue for the streamers these days.

“Ring lights aren’t anything new, of course. I had one that you could slide onto Apple’s old standalone iSight camera years ago,” says Rob LeFebvre at engadget. What they do need however is something along the lines of

“2017 and still 1080 30fps for webcams?? Give me a 4k 60!!!

So basically, introducing their own webcam, similar to the previous ones in the market, doesn’t really give them an edge.

Similarly, a lot of Razer’s older streaming equipment, like its original Razer Seiren Elite microphone, don’t have the best reputation for quality either. So vloggers and gamers usually tend to prefer the Blue Yeti, however using Razer keyboards at the same time.

But still if one is already into Razer stuff, buying and trying out this Broadcast studio is something inevitable and the affordable price of the Siren X is just an added bonus. You can purchase the two products on Razerzone.com while they will be available in stores worldwide by the end of the year.

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