Ratchet and Clank PS5

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart won’t hit 60 FPS at 4K on the PlayStation 5

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Ratchet and Crank: Rift Apart is the upcoming sequel to Ratchet and Crank: Into the nexus. Developed by Insomniac Games, the game is an upcoming exclusive for the PlayStation 5. The action-packed third-person shooter will allow players to travel across dimensions as the space-time continuum continues to fall apart. As the player, your job is to stop Dr. Nefarious and his schematics to disrupt space-time fabric.

Insomniac Games have made a beautiful game and they showed us a trailer at Sony’s Future of Gaming presentation. The gameplay demo shows us some sensational graphics as well as the game fully utilizing PS5s computing powers. Insomniac has claimed there will be no loading screens thanks to PS5 next-gen SSD and players can choose between what experience they would prefer. The one where graphics look stunning or a more performance inclined one.

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Ratchet and Crank: Rift Apart Gameplay Demo

Sony has released a gameplay demo on their Youtube channel, shown during Opening Night Live and it looks gorgeous. In the trailer, we see Ratchet and Crank travel in multiple dimensions within the span of a few minutes. Clearly, this is Sonys way of boasting their incredible SSD which has the ability to fully render entire zones within a few seconds.

In the trailer, we get hints of what actual gameplay will look like. The players will have to fight through Dr. Nefarious’s minions to progress further. Additionally, Ratchet will have the ability to phase through rifts broken all over multi-dimensions. Speaking of dimensions, the gameplay will involve traveling through different worlds and they will also be able to explore them. At the end of this visual art, we are also teased with a new character.

As of now, there is not much known about the female Lombax much. Even with the little knowledge about her, the fans absolutely love the new female protagonist. The developers aren’t revealing much about her yet, however, Insomniac Games tweeted that the new character will be playable. This increases the joy among players as they can’t wait to jump through rifts and destroy enemies with a new character.


It’s no doubt that PS5 is packed with some serious power and developers feel encouraged to utilize that to its maximum capacity. Developers have claimed that Ratchet and Crank: Rift Apart will feature no loading screens. As mentioned before, this is possible because of PS5’s SSD which can load worlds at mind-blowing speeds.

The developers have said that when you increase the image quality, the frame rate gets lowered and vice versa. This work emphasizes the balance between action comfort and beautiful graphics while allowing the player to select from two types of resolution and frame rate:

  • 4k @30fps
  • 1080p @60fps

While it’ true that with the next generation of consoles you’d expect more fps at a higher visual quality, rendering the massive worlds and moving characters as well as objects at 4k is not an easy job. This requires a lot of memory and computing power which is not possible in consoles yet. Nevertheless, the option to choose between either performance or quality is a great addition as it allows players to play in their preferred settings.

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Will Ratchet and Crank: Rift Apart support RTX

Another question that comes to mind is will the game support ray tracing at 60 FPS or not. Raytracing has been the talk of newer titles for quite a while now. It allows games to show realistic lighting, shadows, and effects that are based on realistic physical laws. The developers say that the game comes with ray tracing enabled and you can see it in world lightening as well as through the shine on Crank. Additionally, Ratchet’s hair is more defined than before and they move in real-time.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart
Image: Sony


Ray tracing utilizes a lot of GPU memory and the developers themselves claim that it’s hard to balance quality and performance. However, considering how the game only runs at 1080p60 and 4k30, it would be a safe bet to assume that raytracing is available on both performance modes of the game.

Release Date

The game is set to be released in the launch window of PS5 and will be exclusively available on the said platform.

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