Randonautica Adventure

Randonautica, an app that turns your life into an adventure

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The pandemic has locked everyone within their homes. Besides working from home, there isn’t much that a person can do these days. One could read a book, binge some new tv show or play video games. As a result, the numbers for streaming services are at an all-time high. In fact, Netflix has reported the highest number of signups in the past few months.

Meanwhile, the video gaming industry is also not far behind, as we’ve seen enormous amounts of players in online games. However, these options bring nothing new to the table. All these in-home activities have limits, and people want to get out of their houses eventually. Everyone needs a little break in their routine life and an adventure that helps them find their real self again.

Randonautica is a smartphone application that sends users on an adventure. The app lets you choose and control the type of adventure you want and send you off to some random place.


You set your intended genre, and the app randomly gives you a set of coordinates to follow. The app users have been posting their adventures lately on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. The idea of trusting a random app off the store and traveling to a distant location sounds right out of a Sci-Fi thriller story. Still, the images posted about the app do make it look like a fun activity.

Now we have all heard the theory that this world is a matrix, and all of us are inside a simulation. One user of the game went on an adventure that sent him to explore a glitch in the matrix. Posted on Reddit, this image shows a wall without a door. There are multiple civil engineering errors like this around the world. Every time we see one of them, the question of living in a program does come up in our heads.

Went with the intent to find a glitch in the matrix… brought us to this door that hasn’t queued up yet. from r/randonauts

The game is filled with fun adventures that send you off to find beautiful gardens. There is a peace option, and that leads you to peaceful places around you. It might just fall in love with it. There is also a category called love. This might lead you to a small poster saying something cheesy or two cards of the same color parked together. Lastly, there is a pet option in the app too, which gets you to a pet at a specific place.

 Beware, this ‘cursed’ wallpaper can damage your phone

There are some darker adventures in the game too. The game sent a group of people coordinates toa pier where they found a washed-up suitcase. The suitcase had an unpleasant smell, and they felt like something was rotting inside it. These people called the police right away. Later on, the local authorities revealed that the box contained human contents. This video posted on twitter shows the incident.

The point being that although this game looks fun and there are countless fun adventures posted by users all over the internet. Having said that, people should still take caution when blindly following directions from an app as strange as Randonautica.

However, the fact that this is an incredibly innovative idea that can essentially change the way we observe things around us cannot be undermined. Many fascinating stories have come out of it and we can only expect them to grow in the coming days. Furthermore, the idea of finally going on an adventure with friends sounds incredible, especially these days.

Will you be going on an adventure with this app or does the idea of following random direction sound too suspicious to you? Let us know down in the comments below!

Randonautica is now available on Google Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS users.

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