Rainway, a service to stream PC games on any device for free

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Rainway is a game streaming platform that lets users stream games from their gaming PC to a variety of devices. In addition to consoles and android phones, it also supports IOS devices. For people who want to enjoy AAA game titles on their new Ipads or mobile phones, this is the right place.

Game streaming is not a new feature; there are numerous options available in the market right now. While some offer a subscription-based model and offer you a library of playable games such as Google Stadia. There are companies like Nvidia that offer you the option to play your games on their servers for a better experience. Rainway takes a middle road approach to the ones mentioned above. This platform allows users to turn their gaming PC into a game streaming server. It supports multiple platforms and also provides an option for remote streaming over the internet. However, those opting for over the internet streaming might need an internet connection with high upload speeds and a low input lag.

The setup process is pretty straightforward. To start with, head over to the official website of Rainway and download the Rainway Dashboard application.

Once downloaded you need to install the application and sign up on the platform. Once you’re logged in all your installed games should now be visible in the My Games section. The process is automated and automatically scans your computer for available games and lists them. It does not matter whether you have bought the games from Steam, Origin, or Epic launcher they all should be visible here.

In case your intended game is not listed here you can try adding it to the steam library first as a non-steam game and then refresh Rainway. This is pretty much it and you can start gaming at this point but there are still some more options that you can check out for an even better quality stream.

In the Settings menu navigate to experiments and enable Ultra High Bitrates and Ultra High Framerates options. This option will allow you to bypass the original 60 FPS limit and will unlock the support for 144 FPS streams and will allow a  higher bitrate of up to 50 Mbps.

With the setup process complete you’re all good to go. Download the app on your Mobile Phone, TV or, tablet pair it with a decent controller and you’re ready to game.

There are a few things to note about the software though. The platform is still under development and the experimental framerates although work but are not perfect. In reality, the 120 FPS option averages around 100 frames per second which although is pretty impressive but still isn’t perfect. The input lag on the other hand is quite good with decent hardware and can go as low as 4ms which is barely noticeable. Lastly, without controller support, there isn’t support for mouse input for first-person shooters. The keyboard and mouse work but the implementation is not perfect as of yet due to software and OS limitations. This issue is software related and should get resolved in the near future.

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