PUBG mobile update 0.70 brings the war mode improvements and many other features

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Smartphone gaming is growing faster than what most of us think, and as a result, we have seen many mobile versions of popular games such as PUBG, Fortnite or the Injustice series. Gaming smartphones are also a thing nowadays with ASUS ROG phone and Razor phone making their way into the market.

The Smartphone gaming has grown to such an extent that the game that even a PC with the beast of specifications cannot play at its full potential the mobile version of that same developed by the same company BLUEHOLE is the most optimized Battle Royale game on the mobile platform, Yes! I am talking about PUBG mobile the game that took the smartphone community (mostly android community) to a whole new level. The game is currently at #2 top grossing apps at Google Play store mainly because of the new 0.70 update.

The regular players of the game had to bear the server maintenance of around 7 hours, and then the updates went live, there are many new features in the July update that will change many things in the game and most importantly the way a regular player approaches the game. PUBG Mobile is based on the same Battle Royale concept the original PUBG started, it features reasonably similar gameplay on the smaller displays, the developers tried to fit every aspect of the game in the smaller version, but there are many differences that one can spot here and there the biggest one is the graphics comparison which is justified considering the hardware on pocketed devices. Unlike Fortnite mobile, the game is available on both platforms and the level of performance it delivers in the devices with not the best of the hardware is admirable.

Many new features, modes, and enhancements have made their way in the application as a result of the 0.70 update, and we’ll focus on them from now on:

Menu UI

The most noticeable difference for everyone who plays the game is the change in the general UI the in-game menu most importantly looks similar to the PC version of the game and a lot of changes have been made which will not affect your gameplay, but it will affect the presentation of the game that was very poor before the update. The Avatars have new animations that will change according to the way you played the game which looks very cool, but it lacks the “flashiness” that most smartphone games possess. Achievements have been added to the menu players can do different tasks in the game, and the reward system in these achievements is based on the difficulties more difficult tasks may result in rare items. They also added the regional ranking system so that players can see who is at the top in their region and players can now add titles alongside their names that are visible to all.

Image: Codashop news
Image: Codashop news

War mode

War mode is now a part of the game, and it is the only mode that the game features is out of the bounds of the Battle Royale genre and more in traditional multiplayer FPS (First person shooter games) genre, although it is played in the third person. The summary of this mode is you enter the arena with a random SMG, a level 1 helmet and a level 1 jacket with nine other players/teams and your task is to earn points. It features a Respawn system which means whenever you are killed you will be brought back with the same arsenal, and the winning criteria is straightforward here the team/player who gets 100 points wins the match. This mode does not discriminate between teams and solo players which can be the most fun part for some it may be the most unjust part. All in all, it is a welcome feature in the game. Since the start of this mode, people are complaining that they are unable to start this mode and many of them have reported some bugs.

FPP improvements

The game offers first and third person perspective the latter of which bounds all the available modes while the first-person perspective is very limited. With this update, players can play in the first person in their custom games, and many improvements in the precision mappings of the game system have been made to comply with the first-person system. I am a huge fan of the FPS genre and hope that they will allow the FPP (First-person perspective) in the Arcade mode too.


Another feature they added in the game is the Clans players can make their Clans that is a sort of a team, and they have to do some tasks in order to get up in the ranks and unlock better rewards. There isn’t much to it now, but with the addition of the clans, we may see another mode where whole clans are against each other in the Battlegrounds.

Image: oneplus
Image: oneplus


Coming to the adjustments they made in the gameplay, Custom controls are more refined and welcoming now players can add different keys in there, players can also provide a list of the auto pick up items and vehicles low on fuel can be refueled immediately. The deadly SLR Sniper Rifle from the PC version is now in the mobile version too with its set of auxiliaries and enhancements.

Additionally, they have added light enhancements for the weapons they are not as effective as the full enhancements, but they are in abundance in the Battlegrounds and can be proved beneficial at some areas, they include a Light Foregrip, Half Foregrip, and a Thumb Foregrip. The precision system in this game is not the best with two perspective modes the parameters should be adjusted so that both modes offer the best of the experience that is why they have improved the parameters of the vertical foregrips and angled foregrips. Lastly, players can now add likes to each other’s profiles after a match that will be visible to everyone.

Image: PeopleNet TV
Image: PeopleNet TV


The minute adjustments include new helmets, new vehicles, new backpack finishes, new character faces and a lot of options to share over the internet. The room owners have access to more room focused features and messages can be marked as read instantly. The bugs in the friends list have been removed the feature will work no matter how many friends you have. The rare crate coupons are added, and they can be used to open crates.

The Chat system is also improved a separate team channel is created for those who are looking for teams and people can find the topics of their interests easily due to the addition of tags. The system now suggests different friends that coincides with your gameplay to make the experience even better, and lastly, the shop UI has been made simplified.

Final thoughts

The real competition of the PUBG mobile is the Fortnite Mobile the game that only plays well in the iPhone X or iPhone 8 and there is no specified word on the Android release yet, while PUBG mobile is doing wonders in the industry from providing the battle Royale pass to giving strikingly breathtaking visuals the game is proliferating.

This update has added another bunch of features which will increase its fan base even more and due to its compatibility for even mid-lower end hardware. It is getting recognized in Asian region where Android platform is in abundance the game is kind of making up for the disastrous PC version too. I would suggest do check it out if you have any love for the Genre.



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