PUBG Event Pass only for PC gamers for now – Here’s what it will bring

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PUBG‘s introducing a new “Event Pass” system that will allow players to complete various objectives within the game in order to earn exclusive rewards. The Event Pass is a great way to keep players coming back for more and it launches on PC first alongside a new patch.

Despite being the game that’s responsible for making Battle Royale so popular, PUBG is no longer the most popular Battle Royale game out there as Fortnite is miles ahead at this point. There are many reasons for this such as the poor optimization of the game across various platforms, the number of cheaters this game attracts and the lack of content updates in the game when compared to its rival.

However, that doesn’t mean that PUBG is a bad game or hasn’t done well at all. Fortnite may have stolen the headlines, but PUBG has also improved drastically in the last few months. The team is more committed than ever to make the game as good as possible for the players as they’ve taken multiple measures and have banned thousands of cheaters over the past few months. The developers have also said that there will be more content updates as they’re working on a new map Sanhok. Miramar was also brought into the mix a few months ago, overall the game is doing fine.

The Event Pass will only improve things for PUBG as it really addresses a critical issue many players have with PUBG: lack of content or lack of things to play for. The Event Pass will be a progression based system which will have daily, weekly, and map-specific missions. You can level up the pass through these missions after which you can unlock some exclusive rewards.

You can also earn XP to level up by simply playing the game too. If you’re a regular player, you’ll get 2 XP per 5 minutes you stay alive in a match, this gets doubled to 4 if you’re an Event Pass owner. There will be 30 “levels”, where each level will give out one reward which can be anything from weapon skins to accessories.

The pass will be up for purchase and it’ll last for four weeks. However, those who don’t feel like purchasing can still take part in missions and complete them which will get them “temporary” rewards and one permanent special item. If you’ve completed missions and buy the Event Pass later, you automatically get all the rewards for the missions you’ve already completed, so there’s that as well.

Many online games have an issue that players eventually get bored of the game due to their repetitiveness which results in them leaving the game. Although PUBG, at its core, is still Battle Royale, this likely won’t be the case for the game anytime soon, but it’s still better to give players a reason to want to play the game. The Event Pass can turn players who play PUBG occasionally as pastime into regular players who would need to log in daily for missions in order to get rewards.

Fortnite has a similar system known as the Battle Pass and many people may argue that PUBG’s taken inspiration from their rival when it comes to the Event Pass. However, the pass PUBG is offering is different from the Battle Pass. Fortnite follows a seasonal system and the Battle Pass is valid for the entire duration of the season. PUBG’s Event Pass lasts four weeks.

Although PUBG’s Event Pass is a step in the right direction, the pricing mechanism might annoy a few. Unlike the Battle Pass, which can be bought using in-game Fortnite currency, the Event Pass for PUBG can only be bought using real currency. However, given that the pass will cost only $10 and that it’ll have a lot of things to chase after, including Sanhok specific missions, it’ll be worth it.

The first Event Pass is called the “Sanhok Event Pass” and it will go live with the new map on June 22. It would make sense to have the first set of map-specific missions on the new map. These Sanhok-specific missions will unlock exclusive rewards and the jungle skin for the SCAR-L gun. There isn’t much information out there yet as to what the Sanhok missions could be as PUBG has remained tight-lipped on this, but there’s not much time left before we find out.

“This first Event Pass is all about celebrating the launch of Sanhok, so it includes an item set that fits the map Sanhok thematically,” PUBG Corp. wrote on Steam. The item being talked about here could be the SCAR-L skin or something else. As far as the update itself goes, it’s pretty exciting. The game’s getting an all-new tropical themed map which will also bring with itself a new gun: the QBZ95, which will be exclusive to Sanhok.

The update also brings a ton of UI and sound improvements which will help in enhancing the game experience for everyone and overall, PUBG has done well to get its players excited for the latest round of fresh content. If you want to read the full patch notes, you can read them here.

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