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PUBG coming to the PS4 next month and Naughty Dog is very happy about it

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PUBG is the first game that put Battle Royale genre to the table, it was released for PC in 2017, through Steam’s early access program. Though the game was far from completion due to the immense popularity of the game that was full of bugs, Microsft took the game when its final version was released. Soon the game was an exclusive for the Xbox, though the game ran horribly even on the Xbox One X which is the most powerful console on the market.

Image PlayStation Blog
Image PlayStation Blog

The game is now announced for the PlayStation too and it will be released on the PlayStation 4 family on December 7. The pre-orders of the game have started already. The core gameplay is the same as the gameplay on PC and Xbox. 100 players are dropped in one of the three beautiful maps to get as much loot as possible while making sure that no one tries to pave your way to the lobby. The current console and PC version of the game is releasing on PS4 with the same level of details, rank system, custom matches, event mode, and the trophy system.

One of the primary goals of the PUBG corp. is to unify the game across all platforms, the head of the studio brain Corrigan told The Polygon in an interview:

“The core of the game has been compiling on PS4 since the beginning of the year and we put a small team on making sure we kept up the PS4 build on the latest [version of] the other console build, So as the company has grown and we got some traction on Xbox it was time to move to the PS4 … Once we got Xbox to a place we were happy with, we figured we could focus on a PS4 release too.”

Image PlayStation Blog
Image PlayStation Blog

Additionally, they are specifically adding many skins that are connected to the PlayStation community, Most importantly you can get the skins if you pre-order the game. These include the Nathan Drake Dessert Outfit which he wore during the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves game.

The other one is the skin of the bag that is the central loot item; it is Alice’s bag that had the epitome importance in The Last of Us. They are also offering the PUBG avatar and the theme to rock on the PlayStation ID; it will come as an instant image whenever the player pre-orders the game.

Image PlayStation Blog
Image PlayStation Blog

As in every other version, the standard version of the game will retail at @29.99 while other bundles max at $89.99, and there’s no word on the crossplay.


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