PS5 Teardown

PS5 Teardown video shows swappable faceplates and liquid metal cooling

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As November draws closer console players get increasingly excited for the upcoming PlayStation 5. The new console brings some of the features we have never seen in consoles. Not to mention the increased performance over the last generations and significantly better design. Sony however is using this time to give the fans a little bit of insight into their newest console design. PlayStation recently posted a video of a complete teardown of the PS5 and we can see a lot of new things.

Sony is trying to keep the hype in place for this device previously several Japanese media outlets published their first hands-on experiences with the PlayStation 5. Sony invited a few Japanese Press members and YouTubers to get a closer look at the PlayStation 5.

It was the first time people outside of the company got to try the PS5 besides a one-off demo. These Japanese publications have now published detailed hands-on experiences, images, and videos of the PlayStation 5. That provides a more detailed look at how big the console is and the gameplay of titles like Astro’s Playroom and Godfall.

In addition to the new consoles, the media personalities also got hands-on experience of the new DualSense controller. This new design includes a haptic feedback system that replaces the old rumble technology based on motors. There are adaptive triggers that can adjust the resistance of the triggers for different gameplay effects.

Sony has even included a microphone, alongside a USB-C for charging the controller. 4gamer also provided a look at the different colored LEDs on the DualSense controller. AV watch also reported that the confirm button on the PS5 will be X instead of O going forward for the Japanese region.

Meanwhile, none of the video publications right now show the PS5 dashboard or UI design. Sony has promised a whole new visual language for the console’s UI. That remains to be tested until the official release on November 12th.

The Teardown:

Coming back to the teardown video sony posted this video on their forum as well as social media accounts today. We will ever all the important information in this article however you can watch it below if you’re interested in the actual content. the video is in Japanese with English subtitles. Sony also warns you not to perform similar actions to your units or else you will void the warranty.

The video starts off by removing the vertical stand of the device. The side panels pop off easily just like they do for a PC casing. Inside there are further protective casings. Sony does give you access to a few dust-collecting ducts that you can vacuum in case of thermal performance issues later. Next up there is your M.2 drive as well as other wireless antennas in at the back of the motherboard.

The video also confirms the inclusion of WiFi 6 as well as Bluetooth 5.1 standard in the machine. With the antennas and a few cables out of the way, you can now access the other side of the motherboard.

There are a few things worth mentioning about Sony’s component strategy this time around. every major component in this device is soldered onto the motherboard. While that does save some costs for the company it also makes maintenance a pain.

This means that in case of a minor failure you will have to replace the whole thing. This also makes you pay more for all the other new components. Coming to the components we can see the dedicated Dyes for the CPU as well as GPU on this side. The ram chips are also on this side of the board along with your flash storage.

Since sony has opted for flash storage this time we can see the SSD chips as well as the controller unit. According to the technical representative in the video, It is this controller that gives the PS5 Ultimate data speeds. That is about it for the teardown video and the internal hardware.


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