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PS5 Future of Gaming Showcase – Best Internet Reactions

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After an agonizingly long wait, Sony finally revealed its hand at the PS5 Future of Gaming Showcase earlier today. With over 3 million people watching, the show started off on a rather bizarre note, showing off GTA V of all games. However, all was forgiven when Sony announced that PS5 players will be getting GTA online for free, in addition to sizable in-game currency as well.

Things really took off after that though as we had our first look at the new Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales featuring a new protagonist. After that, the stage was set for the rest of the show as we got spoiled by a relentlessly good showcase that had games like Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet, and Clank: Rift Apart, Horizon II, and Resident Evil VIII among countless others.

ps5 playstation 5

And, of course, we also finally got to lay our eyes upon the PlayStation 5 console, in all its futuristic glory. The console, while having a rather unconventional look to it, is definitely an eye-catcher and most people would be pleased to have it in their entertainment center.

Obviously, with an incredible showcase like this, there are bound to be some incredible reactions as well. So, here are some of the best Internet Reactions to the PS5 Future of Gaming Showcase event.

The best reactions to the PS5 Future of Gaming Showcase

I mean, this was bound to be up there, wasn’t it? Not gonna lie, they had us all in the first half. A GTA 6 reveal would have absolutely blown up the internet.

The PS5 Future of Gaming had some incredible games but there were some weird ones too. Bugsnax? What were they thinking?

Twitter just cannot get enough of BugSnax. Just give the game a goddamn chance first, guys.

The PlayStation 5 Console reveal reactions

It was all pretty civilized though all around the internet until Sony finally decided to show the console itself. As soon as the console was unveiled, all hell broke loose and people started making comparisons to different things. With such an unconventional and ‘futuristic’ design though, the PS5 was bound to attract conflicting opinions.

I’m fine with my PlayStation 5 looking like a weird building from the year 2080 but i really hope it isn’t as tall because I’m running out of space.

Now that’s just straight-up rude. At least the Nintendo Wii won’t cut you if you touch it. Jokes aside, the color scheme and the design similarities are pretty apparent between the two consoles.

I feel like we were all waiting for Sony to drop the price bombshell as well but they just kept us hanging. In all fairness though, this was pretty much expected since Sony has taken the reactive approach from the start. It would have been surprising if they had revealed the price before Microsoft.

And, here we have the Xbox Series X Fridge and PlayStation 5 Dyson fan, both looking perfectly normal in your house.

Oh god, these PlayStation 5 comparisons with mundane everyday items are never going to stop, are they? What hell have you unleashed on us, Sony?!


Being honest, this was an incredibly strong showing from Sony which was very much expected of them. We saw some incredible game reveals and actual gameplay footage from games as well. This was the perfect reply from Sony to Microsoft after months of silence.

Now, the ball is in Microsoft’s court and it would be interesting to see how the Xbox First-Party Reveal event next month compares to Sony’s performance today.

How do you think Sony did with its PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming Showcase event today? Let us know down in the comments below!

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