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PS Plus memberships are 50% off for today – Here’s how to avail this deal

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At the dawn of the PlayStation 4 generation, Sony introduced PS Plus, a new subscription service. Following team Xbox, this was Sony’s way of putting up a paywall for multiplayer gaming. This meant that in order to play paid multiplayer games on your PS4, you had to subscribe to PS Plus. However, this was not a simple paywall as it vastly improved the PlayStation Network services as well which were abysmally bad during the PS3 generation.

In addition to the online multiplayer capabilities, Sony also introduced the PS Plus free games category. So, every month, two new PS4 games are given out to PlayStation Plus members for free. There have been some really good additions to the service in the past too. These include incredible games like Rocket League, Fall Guys, Uncharted, and many more.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons for Fall Guys and Rocket League taking off was their free inclusion with PS Plus. Sony has been killing it lately with the included games to PS Plus that add value to the service. For instance, this month’s games include PUBG and Street Fighter V.

The benefits don’t just stop there though. If you weren’t invested in the PS4 generation and plan on getting a PS5 in November, this will be music to your ears. Going forward, all PlayStation Plus subscribers with a PS5 will get the PlayStation Plus Collection. This is a collection of some of the best games of the generation on PlayStation 4. It includes gems like God of War, Uncharted 4, Days Gone, and many more.

PS Plus Collection
Image: Sony

So, if you have never played some generation-defining games on the PS4, you’ll have them all on your PS5 for free with PS Plus.

How to get 12 months of PS Plus for cheap

PS Plus membership doesn’t exactly come cheap though. Even with the added benefits of free games, it is hard to justify paying for multiplayer when those on PC get it for free. In addition to that, the $60 price for a year of subscription isn’t exactly the cheapest either.

It is also super rare for Sony to offer any discounts on the subscription service. Due to its popularity, most people would rather subscribe now and reap all the benefits rather than wait for a discounted offer. This leads to any Sony sales offering PlayStation Plus at a substantially discounted price incredibly rare.

Thankfully, some third-party websites have been doing god’s work and have been consistently offering pretty good rates for the subscription service. One of those websites is CDKeys. Ranging from games on all platforms to subscription services, the website is renowned for incredible offers that are impossible to resist.

And, like always, they’ve done it again. CDKeys is currently offering 12 months of PlayStation Plus at a whopping 48% off, which is an incredible value. This brings down the price of 12 months of PlayStation Plus from $60 to a mere $31 USD. Not only that, but the website also offers incredible discounts for other regions as well. For instance, even the UK PlayStation Plus membership is over 30% off.

The site is fully trusted and we’ve personally bought tons of stuff from it before. In addition to that, since they send you a code over the email, you can buy multiple and use them once your current one expires. So, you could get 2 years of PS Plus for the price of 1 which is just insane. The offer is available for a limited time only so be fast! Just head to one of the links below to get PlayStation Plus for cheap!

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PS Plus 3 Months USA Membership
PS Plus 12 Months UK Membership
Other PS Plus regions and memberships

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