PS Now will be integrated into PS Plus as suggested by rumors

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PlayStation 5 users will be able to access PS Now services if they are subscribed to PS plus. The news comes from Twitter where a user posted a picture of PS now and PS plus claiming it will be integrated into the PS plus subscription.

PS Now is a cloud streaming service published by Sony. It gives the users access to hundreds of games that can be played either by streaming via cloud services or downloading it in case they don’t have a strong internet connection. Moreover, Sony continues to add more titles to the already existing game library to make it more appealing. The library includes games from PS2, PS3, and PS4.

This service was originally made for PS4 users. Initially, it wasn’t worth getting it since there weren’t that many games that would attract the users. However, they have recently added some AAA titles to the library, such as God Of War, GTA V, and Unchartered 4. This was reported by dualshockers. They also confirmed that Sony will be providing the service to PS5 users in the future. Furthermore, they have also cut down the prices for the service to a half as well.

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PS Now will be integrated into PS plus

The title pretty much sums it all up. Sony is planning to integrate the service into PS plus, making it more attractive than ever. This news was posted by a twitter user PS5 Only, who acknowledged the news to be a rumor but still left us all wondering.

PS now is similar to the popular Xbox Gamepass service. If the rumors come out to be true, PS plus will be much like the Xbox Gamepass Ultimate service. To explain this, Xbox Gamepass offers both Gamepass services as well as Xbox Live Gold. Similarly, PS plus will give benefits of both PS plus as well as PS Now.

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PS5 will offer Backwards Compatibility with this service

Backwards compatibility is a feature that is enjoyed by a lot of fans. It gives them the ability to play already bought games on newer consoles. We have already reported that PS5 will only support backwards compatibility for PS4 games. This meant that you couldn’t enjoy old games on your newer console. However, with the PS Now service, you will be able to play PS2 and PS3 games as well. All the games present in the existing library will be available to play whenever the service is transferred to the new console.

Although Sony has already confirmed that the service will be available for PS5 when it launches, they have been quiet about how. It’s likely that users who have existing subscriptions, will get a free transfer to the subscription for PS5 as they are linked to their PSN accounts. This will give users access to a lot of PS4 games too. As far as PS5 games are concerned, there is no concrete evidence that it will be updated with PS5 games yet.

Sony has planned an event for 16th September. It is expected that Sony will be revealing more information about the exclusive games as well as some third party games. Additionally, rumors suggest that Sony might finally reveal the price of PS5. Maybe they will also give more information regarding the PS Now service and PS5. For now, we will have to wait and see.

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